What Is The Difference Between Live And Extract Connections?

309    Asked by Aalapprabhakaran in Tableau , Asked on Aug 8, 2023

What is the major point of distinction between live and extract connections?

Answered by Darsh K

Live connections are the data source having direct link to the actual data and they can be utilized where the data is practical which when upgraded, also upgrades our visualization automatically. Moreover, live connections are slower for intricate visualizations. They are deployed in less intricate visualizations with less data sets, and filters. They get refreshed whenever there is an alteration in the real data source. Live connections depend on the database for the queries and a live connection in Tableau implies that Tableau is querying and reading from the database directly.

Extract files refer to the regional copy of the data source that can be used to create the view. They are deployed where the visualization can be produced by a subset such as maintaining the track of the monthly record of the hospital. As compared to live connections, extracts are faster for visualization purposes and used for intricate visualization involving huge datasets. Extracts refer to the data snapshot hence they must be refreshed to get updates from the real data source.

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