What’s to be done when I get a call from a weird number?

172    Asked by asutos_8102 in SQL Server , Asked on Jul 26, 2023

I received a call from a strange number. It showed as +1 (1) (5 I tried calling the number but it was told invalid. What’s the issue?

The caller ID os invalid because anybody with a call center can alter the caller id of the ca;;. The caller made it that way and the service provider detected the call from +1(1) which is the USA country code. The service provider must have seen it is a number having no ID. However it did not arrive from a call center in the US and prefixed the +1 (1) (5) for personal interests. A renowned marketing method to find valid numbers is to call them without the caller id and verify whether they pick the call. As this is an automated technique so there will be no voice on the other end.

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