What is the significance of Case when statement in the context of SQL queries?

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I was managing the website of the online store and am stuck in the middle of it regarding conditional logic. Can you anyone help with the significance of case when statement in the context of SQL queries?

Answered by Daniel Cameron

 The “SQL case when” is a type of statement in SQL queries. It is used in conditional logic. It offers a powerful conditional logic mechanism within queries. Thereafter, it allows the user to evaluate the conditions. It provides a return of specific values based on specific conditions.

 Its syntax usually includes defining conditions using “when” while the helping action for each condition includes “then”. It ends with “else” to capture cases and “End” to finalize the statement. Therefore, it is useful in creating conditional output based on the specific conditions. Here is a basic example of it:-

If you want to evaluate others then replace the column name with the column which you want to evaluate. Also, replace your table with the relevant table. Make changes also in condition 1 and condition 2. The other part is optional. It provides a default result if there are no specific conditions are there. Enhanced your skills in SQL with SQL server online training.

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