Will Automated Process users salesforce fire triggers, WFR, Duplicate RUles, Validation rules etc

330    Asked by diashrinidhi in Salesforce , Asked on Jun 7, 2023

We are trying to automate some of the data masking activities as part of our post sandbox refresh activity. We have achieved this by implementing the sandboxpostcopy interface. I found out that the apex class when refreshing the sandbox is executed via automated process user. My question is will Automated Process users fire triggers, WFR, Duplicate RUles, Validation rules etc ?

Answered by Dan Peters

The Automated Process User Salesforce has limited authorizations (as pointed out in many articles online, e.g. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/mysterious-automated-process-user-salesforce-bill-wu/ and https://unofficialsf.com/pauple_helpie/the-autoproc-user-scheduling-flows-triggering-flows-permissions/) but it does trigger all other automation like apex triggers, workflow rules, duplicate rules, validations rules, record-triggered flows etc etc.

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