What to do when I see - salesforce down for maintenance?

278    Asked by ranjan_6399 in Salesforce , Asked on Apr 28, 2023

I created a Force.com site and linked a Visualforce page with it, but when I access the link I get down for the maintenance error page. I am not sure how to get my visual force page instead of this error. I made the force.com website active too but I still have this error page. I saw this help link - https://developer.salesforce.com/forums/?id=906F000000099UQIAY

But I do not know what it means by putting my visualforce in a folder.

Answered by Ranjana Admin

In my experience, salesforce down for maintenance usually means you have an incorrect URL. make sure that you have found the correct link to the Site.



The link you reference says that the person created a new site subdomain. Created a new "SiteName'' and it seemed to have resolved his error (my guess is that something else was going on).

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