How to make inner Divs Scrollable in the Salesforce Lightning Component?

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I am creating a Salesforce lightning component to drag and drop few items. It is invoked from a fast action on a record detail page. However, if the divs inside are huge, the whole component begins scrolling. I want the left side and the right side to scroll separately. The screenshot is given below:

When the screen resolution changes, the screenshot looks different like the one given below:

It is not possible to drag the “Fwd: Shizzle”onto “other”.
The code is given below:
<!-- Left hand side --> 
<!-- Right hand side --> 
<input type="checkbox" name="accordion-role" id="{!obj.fileName + '_rad'}" </span>
Answered by Aashna Saito

 There is a tag built-in for Salesforce Lightning Design System. You must be able to include the .slds-scrollable_y class to the divs that have the left and right side. It may be needed to create the height of the divs to a certain height.

The ui:scrolelrWrapper component can be utilized rather than writing the css on your own. The component also contains a scrollTo method that allows you to scroll the content to a certain area.

To make div scrollable, you can follow the steps below:

You can use the x and y axis for a vertical scrollable bar. Create the overflow-x:hidden and overflow-y:auto. This will conceal the horizontal scroll bar and display only the vertical scrollbar. The scroll div will be vertically scrollable. < div xss=removed> It is a proper medium to learn programming.

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