How does this Grant Access Using Hierarchies work?

335    Asked by dipesh_9001 in Salesforce , Asked on May 15, 2023

How this Grant Access Using Hierarchies works. Please explain. I am getting confused. Please explain to me how this Grant Access Using Hierarchies works in OWD settings, groups etc. Does its use change at different places? Please explain when a record is accessed to Hierarchies users and when it is restricted, when an object is made private.

Answered by elonjigar

When Grant Access using Hierarchy is checked for custom objects(For standard objects this is always checked) even if the record is private ,users higher in the role than the owner of the record still get access to the records . A simple example can be to assume opportunity is private OWD and you are Sales Rep owning an opportunity record ,you have your manager who is higher in the role hierarchy than you ,even though opportunity is private he will still get access to your records . Technically a for every user who has access there will be a share record in the Share table of the Object.

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