How can I design or create a SOQL query for fetching and retrieving the records that meet certain conditions?

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There is a scenario where I as a developer need to retrieve the specific information or records from an object by using SOQL(Salesforce object query language). I am required to fetch the records that meet a certain condition and order based on a custom field. How can I develop the SOQL query for achieving this particular objective? 

Answered by Kevin Taylor

 In the context of Salesforce, you can achieve your particular target by using the query which is given below:-

SELECT Id, Name, CustomField__c
FROM CustomObject__c
WHERE CustomField__c = ‘DesiredValue’
ORDER BY CustomFieldForOrder__c ASC

Here is the explanation given below of this above Query:-


It is used to specify the fields which are to be retrieved. It can be ID name, custom field, etc.


It is used in specifying the Object for quieting such as CustomObject.

WHERE clause

It is used in filtering the records based on a condition.

ORDER BY clause

It is used to order the result based on a specified field.

A developer can easily customize the field in the SELECT clause and then adjust the object in the FROM clause, then he can modify the condition in the WHERE clause and choose different fields for sorting in the ORDER BY clause based on the particular requirements of the scenario.

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