What are the best Resources for the selenium tutorial?

171    Asked by HeatherEdmunds in QA Testing , Asked on Feb 21, 2024

I am new to the environment of Python and I want to learn selenium for web automation. I am looking for a tutorial that can cover my basic concepts such as locating elements and performing actions like clicking buttons. What resources should I look for for this purpose?

Answered by Deirdre Cameron

 In the context of selenium, here are the best Resources given by which you can gain the basic concepts related to selenium:-

Official selenium documentation

The official Selenium documentation can provide you with comprehensive information about the Selenium web driver APIs and usage. It can cover locating elements, interacting with different types of web controls, etc.

Online tutorials and guides

You can also avail of websites like “selenium with python” on the seleniumHQ website which can offer step-by-step tutorials and guides.

YouTube video tutorials

YouTube has been a good resource for any basic Information. There are numerous video tutorials presented which can guide you through all about selenium.

Online course

There are various online platforms present such as Udemy, coursers, and Pluralsight which can offer online courses related to selenium.

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