Why am I receiving a python error expecting an indented block?

174    Asked by Dannasahi in Python , Asked on Aug 8, 2023

 I want to execute the below-mentioned code:

Def example (p,q):
A = p . find (“ “)
B = q . find (“ “)
Str_p = p [0:a]
Str_q = p [b+1 : ]
If str_p == str_q:
Result = true
Else : 
Result = false
Return result

 I am seeing the error  IndentationError : expected an indented block Why am I seeing a Python error ‘expected an indented block’ ?

Answered by Elizabeth Clark

The error message ‘ expected an indented block error’ is seen when various tabs and spaces are mixed. When you don’t possess proper indents included in the compound statement and the user specific functions, the error message is seen. Python wants the code to be indented and spaced aptly. Ensure that the tabs and spaces are not mixed and in case you are deploying tabs then use only tabs, and if you are using spaces, then stick to that.

The code can be modified as below:

If str_p == str_q:
Result = True
Result = false
Return result
Return str_p == str_q

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