Uploading images in docker registry and AWS ECS.

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 Using docker push command images can be pushed into docker registry, for AWS ECS use below steps

Install docker daemon in linux/centos and AWS CLI

Authenticate to AWS using below commands

aws configure

access key: *****

secret key: *****

AWS elastic container registry log in

aws ecr get-login (dash dash) region eu-east-3 > test.txt

Authentication docker to AWS ECS

Docker login -u AWS https://aws_account_id.dkr.ecr.eu-east-3.amazonaws.com

Password: ****

login succeeded

Downloading image (For eg CentIOS)

Docker pull centos:6.8

pull complete

Creating repository

aws ecr create-repository --repository-name cents

Pushing Cent OS image to Amazon ECR

Docker push aws_account_id.dkr.ecr.eu-east-3.amazonaws.com/centos:6.6 (replace the aws_account_id by your account id)

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