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 In python, we use the keyword “Class” to define any class the same as we use “def” while defining a function. Below is a simple example of how we create a class in python:

class My Class:
    '''This is a test class'''

Whenever we create any class its namespace gets created where we define all its attributes. The attribute may be functions or data. Some built-in attributes will also be there like __doc__, which returns the docstring of that class. Run below code and see what docstring is

My Class.__doc__

Whenever you define any class in python its object gets created with the same name, which helps you to access all its attributes. See below example:

class My Class 2:

 "This is my second class"
 a = 50 def func(self):

  print('Janbask Training')

# Output: 50
# Output:
#Output: Janbask Training
# Output: 'This is my second class'

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