Why is it necessary to start from zero in automation testing?

24    Asked by Amitraj in Cyber Security , Asked on Apr 22, 2022

 I am new to testing. I need to learn because I have an opportunity to work in this field in the future. I would like to know what I need to get started. Preferably, I would like to study automated testing. How much time will it take for someone who only knows a little programming and no testing?

Answered by Andrea Bailey

You need to learn automation testing and many other things before being able to work in test automation.

The skills are ordered from 1 to 13 so that it is easy to understand how they develop:

13 Test Automation (basic skills)
12 Learn Page Object Model
11 Learn Object Oriented Programming in Java
10 Learn the WebDriver framework
9 Learn JUNIT
8 Learn the Java basics
7 Learn Eclipse
6 Learn how to create XPATH locators
5 Use browser plugins (Firebug, Firepath, FireCookie)
4 Learn HTML and CSS
3 Read how the HTTP protocol works, get and post requests
2 Understand how browsers work
1 Manual Testing

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