Is The Noreply Facebookmail Com Real?

 I was not conscious I possessed credits on Facebook. I got an email that seemed valid initially. The address resembles any other Facebook email but I believe it is fake. The links are not real URLs, rather directories. The Facebook header link indicates to setting?tab=payments. The review of the balance link represents the same. The app center link is appcenter. The email pattern and background does not resemble the valid emails I receive from Facebook. The blue bar is a solid one. The background is white. Teh patterns are the same but the first one looks a little outdated compared to the one I received a few days back possessing a flatter look. Is the email valid or fake?

Answered by Ranjana Admin

 It seems from the headers that google’s servers viewed the request as arriving from IP address, which is a segment of the domain. The google server checked the DKIM signature. It’s a 1024-bit RSA key, and the signature also matches. 1024-bit RSA are not technologically valid, until we put a particular amount of dollars into creating a machine, but it would be impossible that the investment would be performed for committing cyber crimes.

Hence it’s probable that the email was received from the machines linked with the domains. It is verified that the domain pertains to Facebook, and they deploy it to deliver notifications to users. The email comes from Facebook does not imply it’s valid. It implies that if the email is spam, the hacker compromised a machine within facebook internal network and delivered the email from the machine. The tappable links are broken. The email is not any attack, rather a technical error from the individual at Facebook, who were examining a few prototype notifications for a thing relevant to Facebook, and triggered the system for the incorrect account. The standard rule for any emails is DO NOT CLICK. In case the email is valid, you can log in the related site and check, You do not need to chase a tappable link from the email. The easy rule of never tapping on links will protect you from phishing attacks.

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