Can You Track A Visa Gift Card?

260    Asked by ElizabethClark in Cyber Security , Asked on Aug 1, 2023

 People ata retail store were talking about how simple it is to deploy stolen credit cards. And purchase the same without being traced. However, on buying a visa gift card they deliver the gift card number to the server to the firm that possesses those cards to activate it. I am sure they log in which store that occurred at, as well. I am also confident they can observe that gift card and it will give a paper trail similar to a credit card.

Answered by Elizabeth Clark

You can track a visa gift card. They do monitor the purchases. Every prepaid gift card needs a kind of registration where they gather various information about you like name, address, zip code, and contact number. The gift card gets transferred to an account where you can review the buying history similar to a credit card. However, on activating the card, and entering fake data, you can become a liar. You can purchase in cash, that implies you do not possess records from a credit card firm to link the identity. If you are smart enough, they won’t avail any data from the merchant.

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