Business analysis framework

The business analysis framework is an abstract model that includes the use of various business analysis techniques, knowledge areas and requirement analysis and design methods to meet customer demands. An organization may follow SDLC or agile method of software development, but the core principles of business analysis don’t affect by the development model we choose.

 Think about why many projects fail miserably even they all had a team of experienced professionals. The primary reason I see is that one size doesn’t fit for all. An analyst could be an expert of all defined/proven tools and techniques but all of them may not be applicable to upcoming projects as it was to the previous one. Business analysis framework defines the set of techniques and methods that fits the current need of a project. For example: “Functional requirement document” alone may not be a good fit for an agile project. Similarly, a set of user stories may not give you the end goal of a project. Not having a defined communication plan for the onshore-offshore development model can cost a delay in delivery.

Business analysis framework defines the right set of tools and techniques to be used for the success of a project. An analyst needs to sort his/her methods, communication plan, stakeholders’ engagement and documentation in accordance with the priority and acceptance across the organization and team members. A diversified and adaptable framework is highly recommended to meet the need and objectives of a business.

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