Would you be able to differentiate DynamoDB, RDS, and RedShift?

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 DynamoDB, RDS, and RedShift these three are the databases of the executives' administrations offered by Amazon. These can be differentiated as –

Amazon DynamoDB is the NoSQL database administration which manages the unstructured information. DynamoDB offers a significant level of adaptability with quicker and unavoidable execution.

Amazon RDS is the database the board administrator for the social databases which oversees overhauling, fixing, fixing, and sponsorship up data of the database without your intercession. RDS is exclusively a database for the executives' administration for the structure information.

Amazon RedShift is very surprising from RDS and DynamoDB. RedShift is an information distribution centre item that is utilized in information examination.


Amazon DynamoDB

Amazon RDS

Amazon RedShift

Primary Usage

Database for dynamically modified unstructured data

Conventional databases

Data warehouse

Computing Resources

Non-specified, SaaS (Software-as-a-Service)

Instances with 64 vCPU and 244 GB RAM

Nodes with vCPU and 244 GB RAM

Database Engine


MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, Aurora, Postgre SQL, MariaDB


Maintenance Window

No impact

30 minutes every week

30 minutes every week

Multi A-Z Replication


Additional service


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