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Reinvent Your Career By Enrolling In Online Tableau Certification. Read To Know More!


Tableau is considered as one such platform where the visualization of data does take place. It allows one to plan a career in Data Analytics, Business Intelligence. Its significance is a way more than what anybody could have ever thought about as small and large business organization companies who prefer to build business portfolios through the help of tableau.  


 A tableau developer is someone who can create a computer system and data visualization solutions to improvise the business processes. It is one such job that involves the creation of Tableau dashboard reports,  pushes the developer to collaborate with the existing business intelligence reports as well as visualizations and also allows one to attend feedback sessions on various ways to improvise the Tableau related systems.

Tableau developers are the ones who work full-time as well as part-time executives for the IT department. Although some companies allow tableau developers to work on a remote basis too.

It is classified as a well-suited job for those sets of people who can solve difficult problems, and are ready to meet the deadlines and do have a keen interest in the projected schedules.

Tableau is regarded as the tool which is widely used for the visualization of data. It is quite helpful in converting unstructured data into a particular format that can be comprehended very easily.

The visualization of the tableau tool is said to be fast and efficient because it offers various tools in the form of dashboards and worksheets. 

Know the different types of Tableau Tools

Here are some of the tableau tools that one should have a look:

Developer Tools

  • As its name suggests, this tool is used for the sole purpose of the development only.
  • It comprises tools that are meant for visualization, creation of dashboards, charts, and in providing Business Intelligence reports to the organization.
  • Its products are tableau desktop and tableau public.

Sharing Tools

  • These are the tools which are used to create a visualization, dashboards, charts as well as reports.
  • Tableau Products- Tableau Online, Tableau Server, and Tableau Reader.

What are the exact jobs and responsibilities of a certified Tableau professional

Given below are the roles and responsibilities of a certified Tableau professional who has earned tableau certification is expected to perform his share of employment in a much better way:

  1. Offers End to End Development - A certified tableau professional is known for ensuring end-to-end Tableau development and it arises right from the requirement that gathers the rooting conceptualization and deployment stage too.
  2. Be the part of data analytics team - It allows him/her to be the part of the Data and Analytics team that too in ensuring the robust working with the backend database and also by analyzing the reporting requirements too.
  3. Creation of Data Dictionary Dashboards - A certified tableau developer is capable of creating a data dictionary for tableau dashboards.
  4. Deliver Business Reports - A certified Tableau developer is also capable of developing and delivering business-related reports and can also analyze business reports for helping different business groups.
  5. Specification of executed projects - He/she can also create filters, quick filters, table calculations, calculated measures, and even put the parameters on a certain specific set of projects.
  6. Accurate Utilization of Treemaps - Being a certified Tableau developer, he/she can create several views in Tableau by using Treemaps, Heat Maps, Scatter Plot.
  7. Set Permissions in Table Server - He/she can also create different user accounts, business groups, and even set permissions in Tableau server.
  8. Thorough Technical Knowledge - As a certified Tableau professional, he will be very much equipped with thorough knowledge about different ways of creating dashboards, scorecards, and other BI visualization tools too.
  9. Enables one to work on application - Concepts like Star Schemes and Data Warehousing are purely cleared to him and he can produce the applications by using these types of methods.
  10. Accomplishes the Requirements - It allows one to grasp business requirements and also helps in transforming data into visualizations that could serve the purpose.
  11. Design dashboards - Learning this certification allows one to design dashboards, manage tableau servers, understand the concept of big-data, and Twist SQL queries for getting improvised performances. 
  12. Connectivity to Data Sources - He/she can connect to numerous data sources with the help of Business Intelligence, Dashboards, Report Visualization Analytics, and also in resolving the business problems with the set of best solutions. 
  13. Creation of web portals - A certified Tableau developer can also create an external, customer-centric web portal that can be easily integrated with Tableau API.
  14. Resolves Troubleshoot Problems - By attaining expertise in Tableau, he/she can also work with end-users to troubleshoot the specific set of problems.
  15. Utilization of IT concepts - The learning of Tableau also allows one to utilize the great concepts of IT and software system knowledge which is required to manage the quality, integrity, and validity of the data
  16. Identification of data quality Issues - By opting for learning online Tableau certification also allows one to identify data quality issues and also push him to look into the provision of recommendations for data systems and process requirements too.
  17. Import Technical Documents - He can easily scrub, cleanse, and import Microsoft Excel and CSV for various data sources.
  18. Capable of applying statistical techniques - A certified tableau developer is also known for applying statistical techniques such as linear regression, Test/control, design, and hypothesis testing.
  19. Ability to perform Technical Innovation - With the help of framework and model development, a tableau developer can easily support analytical and technical innovation.
  20. Manage Data Sets - It also allows a tableau developer to have ad-hoc analysis especially at the time when there is the need for internal and external data sets.
  21. Full-fledged Data Source Investigation - It also allows one to participate in data source investigation, application development, as well as user acceptance, testing too.
  22. Remarkable Involvement of technical methods - A certified tableau developer is also an expert in bringing remarkable methods, concepts and can even support technologies that are relevant to analytics.

What are the skills of the tableau developer?

Technical Skills

  • Understand the need of clients - A tableau developer should think from the perspective of the client by creating the tableau dashboard that will help him to know his clients at a much better rate.
  • Offer Technical solutions - A tableau developer is expected to have thorough knowledge about the various ways in which he might build a technical solution to solve the persisting need of the clients.
  • It requires a developer to be innovative in finding out the solution and in understanding the requirement.
  • Online Analytical Processing - A tableau developer is somebody who can preserve the data within the business organization by using the online analytical processing tools. 
  • Tool Testing - A tableau developer is also expected to work upon the testing of tools by conducting the unit tests and in developing database queries to analyze the rising problems.


Communication Skill

  • Predicting Skills - It is considered as one of the most crucial skills that are required by the tableau developer to represent the data in a particular way and forecast it using the historical and past data which is available for creating better decisions.
  • Creative and Innovative Decisions - It’s learning allows a tableau developer to become more innovative in finding out the solutions that will surely help the client in improving their business.
  • Sound and analytical mind - A tableau developer should be the one who can do calculations over the partition of data because of tableau functions on the principle of data-partition.
  • Thorough with the concepts of data - A tableau developer should always be comfortable with techniques like data blending, data partition and data set theory.
  • Searching for the best solutions - A tableau developer should have sound knowledge about data visualization which is developed because of the training, and should be capable enough of solving the issues and trials.

Let’s see are the different career opportunities for a tableau developer-

Here are the few growing and demanding job roles in the Tableau field that one should learn for attaining great expertise. It includes-

  • Tableau Developer
  • Tableau Server Administrator
  • Data Analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Business Intelligence Developer
  • Business Intelligence Manager

It is believed that learning online tableau courses do help one to achieve standout profiles. Moreover, these job profiles are also available even in the non-core IT industries.

The certification courses of Tableau are labeled as short-time learning but will allow one to absorb in diversified industries.

Tableau Online Training & Certification

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5 Great Reasons Why You Should Learn Tableau and Get Certified?

Tableau has emerged as one of the advanced tools of business intelligence in the year 2020. It is regarded as one such data visualization tool that helps big and small companies to gain business in a significant proportion of the time.

Many technical experts have stated there can be no better time than getting certification in Tableau this year because it allows one to build a career in business intelligence and data analytics.

Some of the great reasons why Tableau is in great demand

  • Rising Demand for Tableau Professionals
  • High Profile Tableau Careers
  • Top Giants providing lucrative Tableau Careers
  • Seamless Integration and Manipulation of data
  • Easy Creation of Data-Interactivity Visualization
  • Maps and Geography Support

1. Rising Demand for Tableau Professionals

  • Generation of More Data - According to the data of International Data Corporation (IDC), the corporate world is on the verge of generating 50 times the amount of data as compared to the previous decade.
  • Increases Interactivity - Owing to the huge amount of the data and real business implications at play, one can easily say that business organizations across the world have the exact need for interactive, easy-to-use tools to analyze data and also in deriving actionable insight from the business projects.

2. High Profile Tableau Career

  • Unlimited Opportunities - Not only one but there are many high-profile job profiles that an employer can learn after getting certified in Tableau.
  • Upward Trend in Salaries - The average annual pay for the Tableau Developer is said to be USD1,08,697 and even the average salaries too of different career paths of this field are said to have an upward trend.
  • Hike in Annual Salary - The recent upward salary of the Business Intelligence Manager is estimated to be near USD 158,000.

3. Top Giants Providing Lucrative Tableau Career

The quickest scan through the current job openings has revealed that many giant companies hire an excellent Tableau learner and these companies are Facebook, Dell, Applied Systems, Booz Allen Hamilton, Netjets, Bank of America, and KPMG.

Thus, a career in Tableau is said to be the greater one.


4. Seamless Integration and manipulation of Data

  • Continuous Flow of Data - It is known that the integration of data works in a continuous flow in the Tableau tool. It is said that any kind of software or programming language can be easily integrated with the help of Tableau software. 
  • Integration with Data Sources - A software developer does need to put much effort into integrating the Tableau with different types of data sources. 
  • The conceptualisation of Data - It also facilitates the better enhancement of data analytics which includes the consolidation of data, gathering of reports from other databases, understanding of the data, and data manipulation too.
  • Deployment of the software - In other words, a software programmer will never face any problem with the deployment of the software in Tableau.

5. Easy creation of Interactive data visualization

  • User Friendly-Tableau tool software is coined to be user-friendly and relevant to be used by any programmer. This is one such tool that allows the production of interactive data visualization in a very different manner that too at fast speed.

  • Easy Creation of Graphs-One can create complicated charts and graphs in Tableau software.

  • Calculate Datasets-It enables the software developers to calculate datasets at a quicker rate and they are also able to handle the massive data effectively.

6. Maps and Geography Support

  • Better Connectivity-The tableau software has allowed many different regions across the world to identify specific data centers and data warehouses. 

How can one learn Tableau online?

The certified courses of tableau help one in mastering the data by using data aggression and tableau connectivity, one can easily deliver the set of business solutions to organizations in the field of business intelligence.

Know the major objectives of learning online Tableau courses-

  • It allows one to gain the ability to building interactive Tableau statistics and Dashboard
  • One can easily master the data connections by simply organizing and simplifying data.
  • It helps to gain expertise in Spatial and Annotations analysis.
  • It also allows one to attain competency by using the charts like Waterfall, Box Plots and S Gantt
  • It will help you grasp full knowledge in fundamental calculations, LOD calculations, as well as Ad-hoc analytics. 


Know the different types of Tableau Certifications

  •  Tableau Desktop Specialist. Exam Fee
  •  Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate.
  •  Tableau Desktop Certified Professional
  •  Tableau Desktop Delta exam
  •  Tableau Server Qualified Associate
  •  Tableau Server Certified Professional
  •  Tableau Server Delta exam.

The certification courses of Tableau allow web-developers to get hands-on-knowledge about the various concepts related to data visualization with a firm understanding of tableau architecture.They will let you become more proficient in understanding the concept of filters, parameters, maps, graphs, dashboards, and table calculations along with data blending, data aggregation, and R-connectivity, and much more.

These courses offer great expertise to people by making them learn more about tableau generated fields and special fields. Moreover, these courses are proven to be quite helpful as they help one in deploying more R scripts on Tableau.

After learning these courses, one could easily gain greater expertise in creating data connections as well as in creating tableau graphs, reports, and calculations too.

Take a glimpse at the high salary of Tableau Developers

Did you know that analytical reasoning is the third most needed skill in the year 2020 and it has been proved by LinkedIn? It allows one to pave the path for a bright future and even allow the individual to boost their resume by certifying with the courses of Tableau. Now let’s talk about the salary of Tableau developers:

  • Tableau Developer- The average estimated salary of the tableau developer is estimated to near around USD 1,02,000
  • Tableau Server Administrator- The average salary of a tableau server administrator is estimated to be near around USD 90,000
  • Tableau Business Analyst- The average salary of the tableau business analyst is estimated to be around USD 87,900
  • Tableau Intelligence Analyst- The average salary of the tableau intelligence analyst is measured to be around USD 89,100
  • Tableau Intelligence Manager- The average salary of the tableau intelligence manager is expected to be around USD 79,900.
  • Tableau Business Intelligence Manager- The average salary of the Tableau business manager is estimated to be around USD 88,999

By enrolling in these courses, an individual will not only earn tableau certifications but his knowledge related to web-technology will surely increase. 

Tableau Online Training & Certification

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  • Best-in-class Content
  • Prepared by Industry leaders
  • Latest Technology Covered

You can also get a free demo for online tableau certification courses where you will get tutorial tableau pdf. 

The set of study materials offered by them also include tableau tutorial videos. These tableau tutorials on Youtube are also available so that you can take help from while revising the topics. 


If an experienced web-developer thinks of upgrading his skills then what could be more than enrolling in the certifications of Tableau. From learning the technical ways of designing the application to understanding various aspects of restoring the information in data warehouses, a web-developer can easily grasp more knowledge about the technical aspects of business intelligence systems.  

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