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Top 10 Reasons Why Should You Learn Big Data Hadoop?

The Big Data Hadoop market is undergoing a gigantic evolution and there are no chances of deceleration for many years to come. Big data Hadoop could be a huge transformation between your current career and you’re the dream career. So, this is just the right time to learn Hadoop for anyone looking for a bright career in big data.

Here are the top ten reasons why should you learn Hadoop in 2018 –

  1. Hadoop is a gateway to a plenty of big data technologies
  2. Hadoop is a revolutionary solution for big data
  3. A variety of Hadoop roles and Titles
  4. Anyone can learn from different programming backgrounds
  5. Big data adoption is growing tremendously
  6. Learn Hadoop for fat paychecks
  7. A plenty of job options to meet the skills gap
  8. Huge demand for Hadoop professionals.
  9. Hadoop revolutionizing multiple domains together
  10. Hadoop is a top priority for organizations today

Almost every Company collects and stores voluminous data daily. There is a quick need for processing unstructured data, so there is a quick demand for professionals with Hadoop skills who can handle unstructured data in the best possible way. This is quite tough learning Hadoop without proper training or certifications. So, anyone looking for a career in IT should learn Hadoop because this is going to be a must-have skill for big data Companies soon. Why Should You Learn Big Data Hadoop According to a survey conducted by the Technology Research Organization, Hadoop is the fast-growing technology in the big data market and its revenue will reach up to $13.9 billion dollars or more by the end of 2018.

  • Gartner predicts that Hadoop is the most advanced analytics platform by today and this is just the best trend for leveraging big data techniques extensively.
  • Hadoop is the top priority for organizations today and compelling use-case for getting started.
  • Hadoop is just a wonderful trend to manage large-scale operations and it is quite affordable too. It works really great if you wanted to move to the cloud.

learn big data Hadoop

Moving ahead, let us discuss the top 10 reasons in detail why should you learn big data Hadoop in 2018 and many years to come as a promising career choice.

1). Hadoop is a gateway to a plenty of big data technologies

Hadoop is a popular trend for big data analytics and it has been adopted a plenty of Companies to manage the big data properly. Typically, a robust big data solution involves multiple technologies together that are arranged in a tailored manner.

So, this is essential for an individual to learn Hadoop and the related big data technologies to take your career ahead. It will help you in grabbing the right role and job for your profile immediately like Hadoop architect, Hadoop administrator, Hadoop developers etc. Obviously, Hadoop is the stepping stone to success when you are planning to move to the big data domains ahead.

2). Hadoop is a revolutionary solution for big data

When compared to any other data warehouse scheme, Hadoop is just a wonderful alternative in terms of costs, scalability, performance, storage etc. Data is collected from multiple sources and Hadoop has revolutionized the way how data is collected and processed in the real-time.

Besides this, the Hadoop ecosystem is undergoing continuous changes, experiments, and enhancements. In brief. Hadoop big data trend is taking the world by storm and you have to ride with the tide if you don’t want to get affected.

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3). A variety of Hadoop roles and Titles

Why Should You Learn Big Data Hadoop This does not matter you belong to which technical background, you can always start a career in Hadoop with the right skills and knowledge. Some of the popular job profiles in Hadoop profession include – Business analysts, Data Scientists, Data Visualizers, Data Analysts, Data Architects, Research Analysts etc. a few more profiles include Hadoop architects, Hadoop Developers, Hadoop admins, senior software engineers etc. There are attractive salary packages associated for each of the profile and chances of excelling in the big data domain are really high. Why Should You Learn Big Data Hadoop

4). Anyone can learn from different programming backgrounds

The Hadoop Ecosystem has a plenty of tools that can be leveraged by professionals even from different programming backgrounds. For example, if you are a software programmer then you are free to write MapReduce jobs in Java, Python etc. if you have a background in scripting languages then Apache Pig is the best choice to consider here. At the same time, if you are more comfortable with SQL, then you can move to the Apache Hive or Apache Drill.

The demand for Hadoop professionals is growing worldwide and this strong growth pattern translated into huge job opportunities for all IT professionals. Let us see, Hadoop is the best choice for whom –

It is suitable for Software developers, warehouse experts, ETL professionals, software architects, project leaders, Database professionals, Senior IT programmers, testing professionals, Mainframe professionals, or any graduate looking for a career in Hadoop.

5). Big data adoption is growing tremendously

Based on the Google trends, Hadoop has a pretty much stable graph during the last five years. Also, one more thing to consider here is coupling between the big data and Hadoop. They are tightly coupled together. The big data word is related to storage, accessing, curation, and the data analytics. So, this is pretty much sure that every Company has to deal with big data at some point that leads to the increased adoption of Hadoop by enterprises worldwide. Here, in the pie chart below, we have shown the big data adoption by industries and how it is growing. Why Should You Learn Big Data Hadoop

6). Learn Hadoop for fat paychecks

Yes, one of biggest reasons why should you learn Hadoop is huge salary lumps. The demand for professionals is much higher as compared to availability and Company are ready to pay attractive packages to skilled developers today. Based on a research by payscale.com, the annual salary of a Hadoop professional lies between $93K to $127K and this is a very interesting amount for IT professionals and varies as per different job roles.

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7). A plenty of job options to meet the skills gap

As we know that job options for Hadoop professionals are growing tremendously. But most of the job roles are vacated due to the scarcity of Hadoop professionals in the technical marketplace. This scarcity of skilled professionals has created a huge gap between demand and supply chart.

So, this is just the right time to start your career in Hadoop and fill that skills gap. Now you can start a bright career in Hadoop and enjoy the current opportunities in big data and Hadoop market.

According to a research, The USA is facing a shortage of about 190,000 data scientists and 1.5 million managers and analysts who can understand and make decisions using Big Data by 2018.

This is the reason why demand for talent is expected to be on the higher side  as more global organizations are outsourcing their work in the year 2018.

8). Huge demand for Hadoop professionals

The demand for Hadoop professionals can be attributed to the fact that how much the technology is popular these days. It is a cost-effective solution to manage the big data and can be scaled-up whenever necessary. According to data sources, Hadoop has become the foundation of a plenty of big data technologies like Spark, hive etc. and it is generating a plenty of Hadoop jobs too at a very steep rate. Why Should You Learn Big Data Hadoop

9). Hadoop revolutionizing multiple domains together

Hadoop is not affecting one industry or one Company but it is revolutionizing multiple domains together. Wit big data analytics, Company can leverage its capabilities to improve the business values. Some of the popular domains that are frequently using Hadoop include healthcare, banking, finance, transportation, media, entertainment, natural sources etc. Why Should You Learn Big Data Hadoop Hence, this is clear that career opportunities are just the endless will multiple domains once you learn Hadoop in-depth.

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10). Hadoop is a top priority for organizations today

Big data has been a game changer for most of the industries worldwide. In fact, the adoption of big data Hadoop has also increased across multiple domains during the last few years. With a little experience on tools like Hadoop or Spark, you can find the hidden data patterns, latest market trends, customer preferences, and the other useful details too. Why Should You Learn Big Data Hadoop

According to Forbes, the big data adoption has been increased from 17 percent to 53 percent in 2017 with financial and telecom industries. With effective big data analytics, this is possible to design more effective marketing strategies, new revenue opportunities, better customer services, enhanced operational efficiency and much more.

This is true that there is a tremendous increase in the unstructured data during the last few years and it can be analyzed well with Hadoop technologies only like Spark, Hive etc. Also, there is a serious skills gap with respect to the available Hadoop professionals in the current It market. Hence, this is not wondering anymore to see a buzz in the market to learn Hadoop.

Final Words:

I am sure that you must have found this blog informative. If you wanted to learn Hadoop or big data technologies then you can start with our blog series right away. Hadoop is a platform that will grow for many years to come and there are no chances of deceleration at all. If you are also planning to learn Hadoop in 2018 then this would be the right decision to start your career in IT with big data skills and knowledge.

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