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Know The Best Tips To Be Followed For Salesforce Admin Certification Test

Salesforce offers a complete set of certifications for different professionals to classify their skills or aptitude in the cloud space. It would be just a fabulous idea supporting your career with Salesforce admin certification and getting the necessary skills that should be fulfilled as an administrator in Companies.

In this competitive age, one has to work harder to obtain a dream job. It is the reason why certifications have become vital and make you stand out in the crowd. It increases the chances of getting hired and adds more value to your skills. So, it is the right time, get certified and revamp your resume with related skills and project work.

It is true that the demand for certified Salesforce experts is increasing almost every passing day. Among plenty of certifications, one of the most recognized certifications in Salesforce admin certification. It is a difficult certification and considered an immense measure of your skills by leading companies worldwide.

The exam pattern can be a little tough but hard work can help you to go through the tough times gracefully. Today there are more than 4 million opportunities in the cloud space and Companies prefer hiring skilled professionals having a basic idea of cloud skills and the Salesforce domain.

Before getting deep into the discussion, let us first discuss what is CRM, Salesforce and how is it better than other CRM software programs available today.

Introduction to CRM

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. CRM is defined as a strategy to manage customer interactions and sales prospects to retain the most valuable customers, energize dormant clients, and to find new leads. The sales team always has a voluminous amount of data that needs perfect handling that is why CRM systems have gone so important in the current marketplace.

Introduction to CRM

Let us have a quick look at how CRM helps an organization in different ways -

CRM Benefits

  • The information can be exchanged continuously across various customer channels and touchpoints.
  • CRM systems ensure consistent user-experiences across all touch points.
  • Personalized products or services can be delivered based on their needs and requirements.
  • Complete access to customer details in real-time to enable the quick decision.

Introduction to Salesforce

  • Salesforce is the leading customer success CRM platform empowering enterprises to connect with the customers in a completely new way.
  • Today, when users want to login and navigate faster without wasting their precious time, Salesforce cloud-based CRM platform delivers out-of-the-box user experiences and allows to login and navigate seamlessly anywhere, anytime.
  • You just need a good internet connection and a web browser to access your account at your fingertips from the environment of the cloud.

Why Salesforce?

  • Salesforce helps to track business development activities of sales representatives, managers, etc.
  • Salesforce gives detailed reporting on wide customer interactions through case management.
  • Salesforce embarks details on the effectiveness of marketing initiatives and areas of improvement through meaningful business insights.
  • Salesforce cloud solutions result in the effective collaboration of employees, partners, and consumers.

Overview of or SFDC is a group of CRM products that are designed to fit inside an organizational culture in the best possible way. The service increases the overall productivity and efficiency of an organization for seamless user experiences.

 In brief, SFDC is a set of cloud computing services like IT deployments, developments, business products or service modules that are offered over the Internet. These services are included on the on-demand network and offered in real-time.

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Salesforce is based on two popular cloud computing techniques, SaaS and PaaS. Further, basic offerings of the salesforce cloud can be divided into six major categories. Offerings  

1). Sales Cloud

Want a huge hike in revenues? Blaze yourself with the world’s leading platform for increased profits with the sales cloud. The sales cloud allows you to close deals much faster and maintains a strong relationship with customers since everything is available in a single place.

2). Service Cloud

Gear your business needs with most notable customer support and services Anywhere, anytime with service cloud. The service cloud helps you in providing effective customer services from generating requests to inform the status of the request as well to the customer.

3). Marketing Cloud

Steer the complete customer’s journey on a single platform and create that 1-to-1 relationship with the marketing cloud. The marketing cloud is a collection of cloud-based marketing services that make internal marketing functions more efficient and effective. It allows you to create a market campaign targeting existing and new customers both. You can convert leads to customers and measure the campaign effectiveness results as well.

4). Analytics Cloud

With the Einstein analytics cloud, you have the opportunity to fix the problems, discover opportunities, and get predictions before they surface.

5). Community Cloud

With the community cloud, you may revolutionize the way you are doing business and navigate towards the team’s success.

6). Industry Solutions

The perfectly designed industry solutions with Salesforce Lightning and Salesforce1 mobile app development helps you to glare a new path of success as always expected by the industries.

Once you are sure of the Salesforce platform and its offerings, let us take our discussion to the next step, Salesforce certifications. This blog will majorly focus on Salesforce admin certifications.

About Salesforce Admin Certification

The Salesforce Admin Certification (ADM 201) is a basic level qualification for professionals who want to get into the IT industry. This certification is given by and you can learn how to manage CRM systems and basic administration skills. To be an administrative professional, you should be a degree holder and you must have the basic idea of Salesforce concepts.

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About Salesforce Admin Certification

Don’t worry If you don’t know anything about the platform. You must have to enroll for some basic IT training program and all is done. With the help of a training program, you can acquire basic skills and learn how to prepare for Salesforce Admin Certification. The exam pattern is also simple that consists of 60 multiple choice questions and it needs to be done within 90 minutes. The minimum passing score required for the certification exam is 65 percent.

The exam holds a lot of value for developers, system admins, and architects. The average salary for a Salesforce Admin profile is $78K. Once you are certified then you can apply for advanced certifications too. With technological advancements, one can enjoy lots of benefits in the long run. It will surely improve your skills on the platform and optimizes the overall efficiency. The administration skills can be used further for sales forecasting, order management, sales automation, etc. Some of the major benefits of the Salesforce admin certification are:

  • You will get in-depth knowledge of the Salesforce domain.
  • Learn through real-life experiences and work on projects as well.
  • Keep your knowledge base update from time to time.
  • Be an efficient planner for future projects.
  • You can work on your analytical skills too.
  • You can learn about Salesforce implementation.
  • Add related skills to your resume for excellent job options.
  • You can enjoy salary benefits too, once certified.

The discussion makes it clear that there is a quick demand for skilled professionals in the dynamic field of Salesforce. Here, certification will surely boost your confidence and help in getting plenty of job opportunities like never before.

Salesforce Admin Certification Exam

For many companies, it could just be a test and taken not so much profitable. But it is true in the case of old Companies only who are not actually familiar with the importance of the certification. The Salesforce admin certification includes a set of questions that will evaluate your skills and knowledge in multiple areas. Certainly, this exam gives you a solid foundation for the information and makes you eligible for attractive job opportunities.

Some of the basic profiles you can work on after passing the Salesforce certification test are given below and we have also listed the topics that will be covered by this particular certification exam.

Once you have evaluated that you need the Salesforce admin certification, it is the right time to start with exam preparation. A good time must be devoted to the preparation to clear the exam in the first attempt. There is a total of 60 questions in the exam and you need to score 65 percent to clear the exam. It would not be saying wrong that Salesforce admin certification is one of the toughest certifications available so far including the toughest part too.

More than 66 percent of people are spending approximately 25 hours for the preparation of the exam. Once the preparation is done, the ultimate goal is to pass. Fortunately, there are just endless resources to help you with the exam preparation and you can opt for multiple resources together.

There are paid instructors for Salesforce certification training that make sure that a maximum of candidates should pass the exam. One of the best resources for the preparation of certification exam is joining your hands with one of the premier institutes like JanBask Training where all instructors are Salesforce certified and hired after a deep evaluation of skills and knowledge.

  • You can go through the study guide and review each of the topics thoroughly.
  • If you need an immediate response from instructors then it is always better to take help from some of the best training providers.
  • You could also watch online video tutorials with instructional exercises that will surely help you in preparing for the exam.
  • You could refer to Salesforce admin certification dumps that involve a set of similar questions that can be asked in the exam.

Tips for preparing the Salesforce admin certification exam

After a lot of research, we discovered a set of tips shared by people who have already given the exam and cleared it successfully. So, go through each of the tips carefully and don’t forget to take notes when necessary.

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Focus more on particular things

  • Keep in mind that the test is prepared by focusing on all topics as mentioned earlier, so follow 80/20 rule when preparing for the exam.
  • As recorded, there could around 18 percent questions on customization, 13 % on security, 15 percent on analytics. However, the actual percentage can always vary.
  • Focus more on a set of problems that could help you in gaining immense weight and helps you to pass the exam quickly.

Give more time to yourself

  • First of all, you need to check or evaluate yourself how much time you needed to clear the exam. In a few cases, it may be weeks if you are already familiar with basics otherwise it may take months as well when you are a beginner.
  • I would recommend that you must spend a minimum of the month either you are a fresher or experienced.
  • Start with one hour daily and you could increase your preparation time once you are comfortable with the platform.

Keep reviewing and skip unnecessary stuff

When you are preparing for the exam, you could skip a few topics that you are not sure about. The exam consists of a total of 60 questions and you will be given 90 minutes total to complete the exam. When the level of question is just the average then a little preparation can also help in clearing the exam successfully.

Make sure that you have reviewed topics minimum of three times and don’t sweat if you are not sure of anything. I would recommend spending more time on stuff that seems tough for you. This is called the 80/20 rule where 80 percent of your total time should be given to tough topics that you are studying for the first time only while 20 percent could be given to easier ones that you already know.

To make the things in your favor, hire a tutor who will be explaining things in detail and giving you an opportunity to get certified quickly.

Enroll for the Exam

It is necessary to enroll for the exam even if you are taking a date two or three months later. When dates are nearer, your mind will automatically start responding to things more. If you have enrolled yet then do it first before you start the preparation.

Wondrous Exam Strategies

  • The exam comprises of 60 questions in total and each of them is a multiple-choice question.
  • Audit the study guide that is given for every exam.
  • A few questions could be multiple or different answers.
  • You should attempt 40 questions minimum to pass the exam and get a score of 65 percent. Once you have attempted all the questions then revise them thoroughly one by one.
  • You will be given 90 mins approx. to clear the exam.
  • You could give the exam from your home but there are certain conditions for the same. You are advised to visit some training centers where you could focus on your exam completely without any distractions.
  • You will be allowed using pencils and a clean sheet of paper.
  • For me, one of the basic ideas for giving the exam, audit each of the questions separately and collect 40 points out of 60 to pass the exam.

Salesforce Admin Certification Test Practice questions

According to research, more than 70 percent of total Salesforce professionals hold at least one certification before they started their career and getting wonderful salary hikes as expected. Here is a set of questions that we prepared after a lot of research by taking help from certified professionals.

  • What will happen if you are still working after ending the login hours?
  • What is a fiscal year and how it can be enabled?
  • Which of the options are available in the Company Settings page?
  • For a different set of users, the language preference could be different, how an administrator should accomplish this goal?
  • An administrator wanted to enable the My Domain feature, so what points should be considered by an admin here before the My Domain feature is enabled.
  • How to reset the user password in Salesforce? If there are any specific rules for the same.
  • A customer is interested in loading 8 million records to the Salesforce platform. What will be your suggestion here as an administrator?
  • Can you enable the knowledge-based content in Salesforce for the public?
  • When a task needs to be assigned to a group of users then facts should you consider before you complete this work?
  • How many maximum numbers of users can be added to a group?
  • A sales manager wanted to connect multiple users through a shared activity. So, how many users can be connected together by the sales manager? Is there any specific count limit for the same?
  • How many contacts within the shared activity can be set as primary contacts?
  • Which report format could not be supported by the Salesforce at all. Or it may be asked what are the possible number of report formats that can be supported by the Salesforce?
  • When you are creating a report, what settings you should keep in mind?
  • If a user wanted to check the report through his account what is the process for the same?

Next Steps:

That’s all for the day! If you are looking for Salesforce admin certification test practice questions and tips on how to prepare for the certification exam then your search ends here.

The blog also includes the complete Salesforce basics that are ideal for beginners, admin, and developers. If you have any questions, feel free to share it with our expert tutors.

Why not look for Salesforce certification training and increase your chances of getting successful in the Salesforce space to the maximum. Maybe your next step is going with us!

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