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Java Learning & Certification Path: Start Coding Your Way to Excellence

Java Developer Learning & Certification Path

Learning Java is a great fun, especially when you want to start your career with android application development. You can write Java programs yourself by watching online videos or Java tutorials. Here, we are going to discuss a quick learning path for Java that is 100 percent result-driven and good for all Java professionals either beginners or experienced.

Java learning path

  • If you are a book lover then you are recommended to buy a book and start learning the Java programming right away. There are multiple books available in the market like “Thinking in Java”, and “Black Java” etc. to start with basic concepts - Array, Strings, Data Types, OOPs concepts etc.
  • The next solution is watching Java tutorials online on trusted web sources. If you have a computer and good Internet connection then this option is just perfect for you.
  • You can also enroll for Java learning programs online. There are plenty of websites available that give you video lectures on demand, but you have to pay a certain amount for the same.
  • Once you have gone through the Java concepts, then follow Oracle certification to increase your overall value and enhance skills in Java. At the same time, Oracle certified Java developers are generally given more preference over regular learners.

Java Learning & Certification Path Apart from that keep coding, coding, and coding! Whatever you see in your daily life, you just try to automate the concept through Java programs. For example- if you want to manage your daily expenses well then write your own Java app to automate the things. Remember, Programming is not about learning the existing things only, but it is all about “REINVENT THINKING”. So, just keep moving and start coding your way to excellence.

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Java Certification Path

If you are planning for Java certification, here is a Java certification path for you to give the best shot at the right time. For top organizations, certification is taken as the proof of knowledge that showcases your skills to the outer world. Oracle is the most desirable certification and usually preferred by software developers around the world. This would not be saying wrong that Java certification keeps you ahead of the crowd when you apply for Java jobs in the technical marketplace. Oracle certification has plenty of tricky questions related to Java development. So, certification indirectly prepares you for the interview questions that are supposed to be answered well by skilled Java professional. While preparing for the certification, you have to work on application development from scratch. In this way, it enhances your overall experience in creating quality software that works just wonderful in the real world. Java Learning & Certification Path Here are few steps that will surely help you in getting your Java certification at the first attempt only -

1). Know well about Java certification options

First of all, you need to be sure on latest Java version. Java 9 is the most recent version that completely focuses on the modularization concept to speed up overall execution and implementation time. The best idea is to start with Java SE 9 certification that covers all basic concepts of Java and OOPs. You would get complete details of the certification on the Oracle site with examples and topics included in the certification. To get the certification, you need to understand each and every concept of Java deeply. Once you are sure on the basics, then you can opt for advance certification too, like Java EE certification and many others.

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There are a few certifications dependent on each other. For example, to attempt any advanced certification, you need to clear basics first. We advise you to understand the significance of each certification well before any final enrollment and check out for the exam topics closely. If you think it is relevant to your career progression then you can go ahead with the same.

2). Start reading books

This does not matter either you are sure on Java basics or not. There are plenty of tricky questions that can be mastered with books only. There are multiple books available for certification to improve your overall knowledge base and skills. Most recommended books are – OCA (Oracle Certified Associate) and Java SE 8 programmer guide, etc. These books are highly concise, simple and yet sufficient to prepare you for the Java certification. You can buy these books on Amazon at heavy discounts. So, there is no need to visit multiple stores to buy these books, but you can order them at the convenience of your home only. The best part is that you will get thousands of tricky questions in the book with detailed explanation and relevant examples.

3). Learn everything about the latest Java version

Yes, it sounds little difficult, but you need to understand each concept well about the latest version. Every new release has some surprises and improvements that are made public for the developers and end-users. You have to be sure that all the concepts are learned well before you attempt for the certification.

4). Solve previous year test papers

If you are serious for the certification then try to solve previous year test papers as many as possible. This will prepare you for the baseline of the exam and you would also get to know paper style too. JanBask Training is one of the popular centers that prepare you for the certification exam as well. My personal experience with the training center was really amazing and recommended to all looking for fruitful training and certification program online.

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5). Apply for Oracle certification online

If you want to appear for certification exam then you need to register and buy vouchers for Oracle Education system online. The voucher cost is near $250 and it is valid for six months from the date of purchase. In case, you are not able to clear your exam in the first attempt then you can reappear for the second exam after 15 days again.

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Also, you have the flexibility to choose the exam date, venue, and time as per your own convenience. If you wanted to change the date of the exam, then it can be rescheduled as well. For example, if you have an emergency or you are not prepared for the exam yet, then you can request to reschedule your exam for later dates. Most interestingly, you will get the result of the exam within 30 minutes, once you have finished the certification exam. If you are cleared with the exam, then you will get your electronic certification after 3-4 days at your email ID.

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The potential benefits you can expect after certification

This is clear that every Java programmer must be convinced of the benefits of Java certification. Here, we will discuss in details about the potential benefits that you can expect after Oracle Java certification. Java Learning & Certification Path

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1). Improve your knowledge base for the Java Language

This is true that you could improve your overall knowledge base with the Java certification. Every minute you spend in learning Java is worthwhile. This is true that certification demands thinking on the concept deeply. You just don’t have to look at the concept in brief as you were doing earlier. I am sure you would learn just amazing programming techniques that are actually interesting and workable in the real world. Also, you would be familiar with the latest Java version and the significant improvements made with the recent version.

2). Job options may increase

Java certification does not promise for the new or better job, but it can surely help you in getting noticed by the managers. Your certification witnesses that you are above average candidate in Java and you would surely perform well in programming as well. With Java, you had an option to enjoy a competitive advantage over others and it makes you stand ahead of the crowd. There are chances that you would be given more preference out of all candidates available for the interview, but we cannot give guarantee for the same. Beside your certification, there is need to perform well during the entire interview process and also showcase your programming skills as demanded by the employer.

3). Hike on existing salary and internal Recognition

There are chances that you will get hikes on the existing salary or you will get internet promotional too but we cannot take guarantee for the same because it depends on Company solely. However, your certification clearly proves that you are highly interested in improving your knowledge base that always goes in your favor only. Most of the times, Company gets ready to pay for the certification exam, especially when you clear it. In case, the Company pays for you then it shows their support for career advancements and it is good for the Company as well because it improves the overall skills of their own employees. We advise you to discuss with your HR manager about the process and keep him informed about your skills update too. In a nutshell, this is clear that Oracle Java certification has been taken the most recognized platform in the IT world so it seems really good to earn credentials like this. Either you are a beginner or experienced in Java programming, Oracle certification is a miracle for your career. The credentials you earn are highly recognized by the software industry and there are maximum chances of getting a good job and internal promotions after Java certification. However, certifications could not be earned overnight; you really need to work harder to become a certified Java programmer.

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That’s all for the day! I hope the information was truly helpful. If you have still questions in mind, then forget to share with our team at JanBask Training. We are always happy to help you with Java certification and training programs that will give you the right boost for your career.  

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