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AWS Certification Cost, Courses, Exam Details, Path & Salary : The Comprehensive Guide


Undoubtedly, getting an AWS certification is one of the crucial decisions one can make. As it helps beginners and professionals gain confidence and reliability by authorizing their cloud proficiency and knowledge with industry-standard credentials. 

Before you begin your AWS certification training it's important to understand the overall AWS professional certification cost, types of AWS exams, and the prerequisites needed. Let’s begin by first understanding why AWS certification is the talk of the town!

What is AWS Certification, and Why is it Important?

As businesses are increasingly shifting their workloads to the public cloud, cloud computing has transformed from good to have to a distinct competency in businesses. This shift needs the latest cloud computing skillsets to design, implement, and manage applications in the cloud. 

Gartner considers AWS a thought leader and reference point for all its competitors. Earning AWS certification shows you’ve several of the most in-demand and productive skills validated by one of the most popular organizations in cloud computing. In any enterprise, AWS certification shows an overall understanding of a cloud platform, a combined terminology, and a specific level of cloud expertise.

Now that you know why certifications are important, let's move forward and know more about the AWS certification cost of different AWS exams. Before that, based on your skills and objective, choose a suitable cloud computing course that has a comprehensive curriculum and gets you workforce ready.

Through this blog, you’ll understand how much AWS certification costs and various AWS certification costs in India and the US. So, Read on!

AWS Certification Cost: Foundational, Associate, Professional & Speciality Level

If you’re currently in cloud computing or planning to build your career, certification is an eccentric key to the AWS platform. AWS is becoming the gold caliber of the cloud. Currently, the AWS store offers eleven certifications, opening many doors and setting you apart from other candidates. 

AWS is the most secure cloud computing platform, offering computational power, data storage, and numerous other resources to support organizational processes. Nowadays, it has become a buzzword since an increasing number of tech companies have started adopting AWS as their major cloud solution. AWS certification is also one of the most popular certifications in the industry that pays well.  

AWS Certifications confirm the respective candidates' cloud expertise and specialized skill sets. The demand to become a certified AWS professional has increased and will continue to increase upwards. Get comprehensive knowledge of AWS through AWS training, and you, too, can qualify for AWS certifications. 

This blog will familiarize you with every important detail related to AWS certification and AWS Certification cost.

And will cover

  • AWS Certificate Cost 
  • Types Of AWS Certifications
  • The Significance Of AWS Certifications 
  • Job Roles post AWS Certification Course

Before diving deep into the cost and other details related to AWS certification, let us understand the terminology of these digital badges.

AWS Certificate Cost Facts

When we hear or plan about certification, one question always strikes our mind regarding the overall AWS certification cost in India and the US. Are there any hidden charges? What will be the AWS  practitioner certification cost in India and the USA? Is there any AWS quiz available? What will be the validity of the certification? How will it affect my career? Etc. 

Allow us to answer all your queries related to AWS certification price. Keep reading this blog post to get answers about AWS exam costs in India and the USA.

AWS Certification Cost in India

Amazon maintains the same AWS exam fees in India for AWS certifications, as it’ll not only help in maintaining transparency but also helps candidates feel a sense of equalness. Through the following table, you’ll learn how much AWS certification cost in India.

AWS Certification

AWS Certification Cost in India

Certified Cloud Practitioner

Rs. 6880/-

Certified Developer Associate

Rs. 10700/-

Certified Solutions Architect Associate

Rs. 10330/-

Certified SysOps Administrator Associate

Rs. 11,400/-

Certified DevOps Engineer

Rs. 21420/-

Certified Solutions Architect Professional

Rs. 21420/-

Certified Security

Rs. 21420/-

Certified Big Data

Rs. 21420/-

Certified Advanced Networking

Rs. 21420/-

Certified Machine Learning

Rs. 21420/-

AWS Certification Cost in the USA - AWS Certification Fees

As more and more businesses need skilled professionals to handle their increasing cloud-based data, apps, and storage, an AWS certification can help you stand out from the rest. But you might find it hard to know AWS certification cost in the USA. Through the following table, you’ll learn how much AWS certification costs in the US.

AWS Certification

AWS Certification Cost in US

Certified Cloud Practitioner


Certified Developer Associate


Certified Solutions Architect Associate


Certified SysOps Administrator Associate


Certified DevOps Engineer


Certified Solutions Architect Professional


Certified Security


Certified Big Data


Certified Advanced Networking


Certified Machine Learning


AWS certification exam cost - Total cost

AWS Certification Exam- $150 to $300

Online course- $250 Get 20% scholarship on AWS Live Online Training

Mock test- $25

Total- $425 to $575

AWS Certification Types & Details

Here are some of the key terminologies you must know about before exploring AWS certificate cost.

AWS offers almost 11 types of certifications, which are divided into 4 tiers-

AWS Certification Cost

1. Practitioner – Certified Cloud Practitioner

This AWS exam is for aspiring individuals with enough knowledge and skills to demonstrate an overall working of the AWS cloud. AWS-certified cloud practitioner certification is recommended for any individual or an operational start toward AWS Associate Certification. Also, check how much is the AWS-certified cloud practitioner salary. Also, refer to the above table to know the AWS cloud practitioner certification cost in India.


This AWS certification exam validates the candidate's propensity to

  • Define account management, billing, and pricing
  • Describe fundamental cloud architectural principles of AWS
  • Recognize sources of technical assistance or documentation of AWS
  • Define basic security of the AWS platform
  • Describe core characteristics of establishing and operating in the AWS cloud 


There are no such prerequisites for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification. To prepare for this job role, refer to AWS certified cloud practitioner certification guide now! However, we have mentioned some recommended skills:

  • Basic Terminology - Familiarize yourself with the basic AWS terminologies, technology, processes, and implementation. You may learn by enrolling for a certification process with an extended curriculum covering every aspect of AWS. Or you may also opt for a self-learning approach. 
  • Tools - Learn technologies and tools like OS services as it helps in the development and implementation life cycle.
  • Master AWS Fundamentals - To build scalable applications, learn fundamentals and core concepts of AWS Fundamentals along with the best practices.

Data Science Training - Using R and Python

  • Detailed Coverage
  • Best-in-class Content
  • Prepared by Industry leaders
  • Latest Technology Covered

2. Associate – Certified Developer Associate

This AWS examination is for aspiring individuals who perform the developer role and have more than one year of hands-on experience in the AWS development and maintenance of applications. We’ll further also let you know about the AWS course fee. Refer above table for AWS Developer Associate certification cost in India and AWS Associate Certification cost in INR.


  • Bespoke proficiency in the development, deployment, and debugging of cloud-based applications
  • Bespoke basic understanding of AWS services, architecture, and uses of AWS practices


  • In-depth knowledge of at least one high-level programming language
  • Proficiency in developing, debugging, and deploying cloud-based applications using Amazon Web Services
  • Understanding best practices of AWS architecture
  • Capability to identify key features of AWS
  • Capability to interact with AWS
  • Capability to author, debug and maintain code modules in AWS
  • Proficient in writing code for serverless applications

3. Associate – Certified Solutions Architect

This AWS examination is for individuals who perform the role of solutions architect. This examination is important for aspirants who wish to become an AWS architect, and this certification demonstrates that the certified person knows how to architect and implement robust and secure applications using AWS technologies. Also, further know about AWS solution architect certification cost.


  • Specify solution using an architectural design based on the requirements of the customer
  • Furnish best practices based on the guidance throughout the cycle of the project


  • In-depth knowledge of building secure and reliable applications on the AWS platform
  • Hands-on experience with AWS implementation and management services
  • Hands-on experience of using networking, computing, database, and storage of AWS services
  • One year or more hands-on experience in designing fault-tolerant and cost-efficient distributed systems on AWS
  • Knowledge of network technologies based on AWS

4. Associate – Certified SysOps Administrator

This AWS examination is for individuals having one or two years of experience as a System Administrator in a system operations role. If you want to escalate your career path, AWS SysOps Certification -Associate level or an entry-level certification accredited by an authentic AWS body, will be the best choice. 

This associate-level AWS certification exam will not only get you a certified stamp from AWS, but it will also aid in testing and validating your understanding of using, maintaining, and implementing OSs on the AWS platform, along with cloud networking, automation, management, and monitoring skills. 

It will let you gain the expertise that the majority of companies are looking for in order to manage their AWS infrastructure and also optimize their AWS or functional layouts and tiresome efforts. You can also refer to the AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate guide covering entire details about the respective exam. 


  • Identify suitable use of best practices of AWS operations
  • Implement and control the flow of data from AWS
  • Implement, manage and operate the highly available system on AWS
  • Implement, manage and operate the fault-tolerant system on AWS


  • AWS Knowledge
  • At least one year of hands-on experience in AWS
  • Understanding AWS architecture for the cloud
  • Experience with AWS CLI and SDKs/API tools
  • Understanding AWS security concepts
  • IT Knowledge
  • 1-2 years of experience as a System Administrator (System operations role)
  • Understanding of Virtualization
  • Monitoring and inspecting system
  • Understanding of the concepts of networking (e.g., TCP/IP, DNS, and firewalls)

5. Professional – Certified DevOps Engineer

This Advanced level AWS examination is for individuals having technical expertise in operating, furnishing, and managing the distributing system on the AWS platform. This examination is for the candidates who perform the DevOps Engineer role. You can check the AWS DevOps certification cost in India in the above table. You can find all the necessary information about this job role by referring to a comprehensive guide on becoming a DevOps engineer.


  • Execute and manage the uninterrupted delivery system on AWS
  • Execute and robotize security controls, compliance validation, and governance process
  • Define, execute and maintain tools to robotize operational processes


  • Two or more hands-on experience in operating, managing, and allocating AWS environment
  • Expertise in building effectively automated infrastructures
  • Expertise in supervising operating systems

6. Professional – Certified Solutions Architect

This Advanced level AWS examination is for the individuals who perform the Solutions Architect role. This examination is valid for candidates having advanced technical skills and design distributed systems on the AWS platform. Refer above table to know the AWS solution architect exam cost. AWS training will help you qualify for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect certification exam.


  • Deploy cost-control strategies
  • Design and implement enterprise operations on AWS


  • At least two or more years of experience in designing and implementing cloud architecture on AWS
  • Amity with at least one scripting language
  • Amity with Linux and Windows environments
  • Experience in best practices on the architectural design of enterprise’s multiple applications and projects

7. Expertise – Certified Security

This expert-level AWS exam is for cloud security professionals based on the AWS platform. This security specialty AWS certification exam is an essential skill needed for aspiring cloud engineer because, for a cloud engineer, this certification is very helpful. 

Inside the infrastructure ecosystem, security is most important for everything we do, so getting this AWS certification would be an added benefit. It will help you succeed in your AWS career. This certification is recommended for everyone working on cloud infrastructure design, deployment, and management.


  • Basic understanding of security operations and risks
  • Basic knowledge of AWS security services and feature services to provide a reliable production environment
  • A capability of trade-off decisions account for security, cost, and implementation
  • Basic understanding of data encryption methods
  • Basic understanding of Internet protocols and AWS mechanisms to execute them


  • At least five years of experience in IT security
  • At least two years of experience in AWS security

8. Expertise – Certified Big Data

This expert-level examination is for professionals who perform complex analyses of Big Data. This  AWS exam is intended for everyone who wants to become a data analyst, data engineer, data scientist, and data architect and is also the best choice for those practicing with data. If you aren’t focusing on data engineering, we would not suggest this certification because this AWS certification exam would test your deep knowledge of data science-related services such as Kinesis, Redshift, etc.


  • Design and sustain Big Data
  • Implement core Big Data services


  • At least five years of experience in the field of Big Data
  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner or Associate level certification

9. Expertise – Certified Advanced Networking

This expert-level AWS examination is for professionals who perform complex networking tasks and is one of the toughest AWS certification paths out of all the 11 certifications. This AWS certification examination is a well-known and highly reputed certification exam in the networking domain. 


  • Design and sustain cloud-based solutions
  • Experience in robotizing AWS networking tasks
  • Design and maintain network architecture


  • At least five years of experience in the field of Networking and related technologies
  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner or Associate level certification
  • Knowledge of advanced concepts of Networking and related technologies

10. Expertise – Certified Machine Learning

This Associate level AWS certification examination is for individuals who have the capability to design, implement and maintain machine learning solutions for business problems. 


  • Choose and justify a Machine Learning approach for a business problem.
  • Design, implement and deploy machine learning secure and scalable solutions.


  • At least one to two years of experience in architecting and developing machine learning on AWS cloud
  • Ability to perform machine learning algorithms
  • Ability to perform Machine Learning frameworks
  • Ability to follow operational best practices

11. Expertise - AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder

This AWS certification examination is for those who want to build, test and deploy Amazon Alexa, this is the course for them. 


  • Build, test, and publish Amazon Alexa Skills


  • Proficiency in one programming language
  • 6 months of hands-on experience building Alexa skills

Now that you know about the AWS certification types, in the next section, we have shared the categories of AWS Certification knowing which will help you figure out which one is right for your career.

What Are The Key AWS Certification Categories

AWS certifications are divided into 5 categories

  • Architecting- People with these certifications are recognized as professionals who design and deploy systems on the AWS platform. Candidates looking for these certifications may start from AWS Solutions Architect (Associate Level) and budge to the Professional level. Continue reading to get information about the AWS professional certification costs of different AWS certification levels in our further section.
  • Developing- People with these AWS certifications are identified as developers who develop and maintain AWS applications. Candidates looking for these certifications may start from AWS Certified Developer (Associate level) and move up to AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – (Professional level).
  • Operations- People with these AWS certifications support the architecture and development of the AWS platform. SysOps and DevOps are tightly bound in this category. Candidates looking for these AWS certifications may start as AWS Certified DevOps Engineer and proceed to the Professional level.
  • Cloud- People with these AWS certifications mainly focus on cloud technologies, concepts, and security. The Certified Cloud Practitioner serves as a proviso to the AWS specialty certifications.
  • Specialty- The people with AWS specialty credentials mainly focus on skills related to particular technologies, including big data, security, networking, and machine learning.
  • Learn AWS from beginner to advanced AWS certification levels by enrolling in AWS courses provided by professional online certification platforms such as JanBask Training.

Step-wise Process to Obtain AWS Certification

Although there are no set procedures for beginning an AWS certification, the steps listed below are the easiest.

Step 1: Choose the module

You must enroll in an AWS training course before anything else.

Choose the desired module for your course.

Step 2: Examine each study resource.

Examine all the study resources and Exam Guides pertaining to the chosen AWS module.

Step 3: Go through various AWS whitepapers

Read several AWS whitepapers, which provide a wealth of essential details on a variety of subjects. These contain some valuable details that can provide the answers to your queries.

Step 4: Conduct routine practice exams

You must then practice frequently after that. Taking a practice test can reduce tension over the AWS certification tests.

Step 5: Schedule the last AWS certification examination.

Once you are prepared, schedule the last AWS certification exam. An average preparation period for the exam is between 80 and 120 hours. But it relies on your background and the certification program you've chosen.

AWS Certification Exam Format

Exams of all AWS certification levels come in the same format, that is one question at a time. When questions are presented, you will have several options, such as

“Mark for later.” Once you go through all the questions, the AWS exam system will display a list of questions you’ve already answered. Each question will show the option you selected. The question “marked for later” shall be displayed with an asterisk shown next to it. At this level, you can revisit the questions quickly that you have skipped or recheck your answers.

Test Environment

You can view a list of available test centers worldwide and schedule your exam by visiting the AWS Training and Certification official website. You must show two personal identification proofs for admission to the examination center. Primary identification proof can be a government-issued driving license or passport, and secondary identification includes a debit card or other personal identification proof.

The testing area may be inspected; therefore, except for a pen and pencil, you are not allowed to take anything inside the examination area.

After the Examination

The system will display your results on the screen immediately after pursuing the exam. AWS uses statistics-based methods to determine your results. Therefore, there is no passing score in AWS as they are subject to change. If you need to retake the AWS exam, you can do so after 14 days. But, if you pass, within 72 hours of passing your exam, you will receive an e-certificate with AWS certified logo printed on it and a digital badge in your certification of AWS account. Digital badges may be used or shared on your social media or professional networks, including LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. Transcripts of your examination results will be accessible on your AWS account within five business days of completing the examination.

You will have to pay the total amount while attempting the exam for the first time or if you have to retake the test (in case of failure in the previous attempt of an exam). Although, when you apply for recertification, you get a discount of 50% from AWS, which can be availed through a discount voucher under the benefits section of AWS. Amazon Web Services provides a return policy, and its reward is a win-win situation.

Languages available for the examination

  • English
  • Japanese
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Korean 

Know More About AWS certification Levels Of AWS Exam


Exam Duration

Exam Format

Difficulty Level

Experience Required

Practice exam registration fee

Exam registration fee

Practitioner Level

90 minutes

Multiple Choice Type Questions

Easy to Medium

6 months of fundamentals in the cloud industry 


100 USD

Associate Level

130 minutes

Multiple Choice Type Questions

Medium to High

One year of problem-solving and implementing solutions in the cloud industry

20 USD

150 USD

Professional Level

170 minutes


Multiple Choice Type Questions


Medium to High

Two years of comprehensive experience in designing, operating, and troubleshooting solutions in the cloud industry 


40 USD

300 USD

Expert Level


170 minutes

Multiple Choice Type Questions



2-5 years in deep technical experience associated with specialty domain in the cloud industry



300 USD

AWS Solution Architect Training and Certification

  • No cost for a Demo Class
  • Industry Expert as your Trainer
  • Available as per your schedule
  • Customer Support Available

Different AWS Platforms

AWS - Amazon Web Services encompasses numerous cloud services that help companies compute and maintain security for their database, and various other services on the platform. 

AWS provides services like- Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS).

  • IaaS- Cloud infrastructure services will take care of your services' power supply and backup.
  • PaaS- Cloud platform services will take care of binaries of applications by providing services based on PHP, Java, Perl, Ruby, etc.
  • SaaS- Cloud software services have got software dedicated to particular tasks such as queuing emails and email sending.

The increasing dependence has made AWS certification the most in-demand and sought-after certification. You gain access to the global AWS community of platforms like Linkedin through an AWS certification. An AWS certification validates your knowledge and expertise and makes your candidate perfect for the top IT companies.

Advantages of AWS Certification

In the initial section, we already understood why you should go for AWS Certification in spite of a high AWS certification cost. For your better understanding, we have listed below the top advantages of an AWS certificate below.

  • Any professional can demonstrate their technical skills and develop their career with the aid of AWS Certification.
  • Employers can use it to discover qualified cloud specialists.
  • You can validate your technical expertise and comprehension by earning an AWS certification.
  • Get access to the LinkedIn Community for AWS Certified professionals.
  • It allows you to learn the most recent information in your field
  • Possessing an AWS certification opens up additional possibilities.
  • It enables you to feel better about yourself
  • Your abilities and knowledge can be verified on the leading cloud computing platform.
  • It aids in building your credibility and commitment to a profession in cloud computing.
  • It gives you access to a community of peers and AWS thought leaders who share your interests.
  • It uses the AWS shared security responsibility paradigm, which you may take advantage of.

The Future of AWS Certified Professionals

As more and more people turn to cloud-based solutions, the need for AWS-certified professionals will only grow.

AWS-certified experts appear to have a bright future. The need for these people will increase as the cloud computing industry is expected to expand. AWS-certified professionals will be well-positioned to benefit from this expansion and land lucrative positions.

Additionally, because they will possess a skill set that is in great demand, workers who have earned an AWS certification have a promising future. With the appropriate skill set, AWS certified persons might anticipate finding a stable job and making a respectable income.

What Salaries Do You Make Post AWS Certification?

AWS certification is the most in-demand and one of the highest-paid certifications across the globe. Here is the data by Glassdoor:

AWS Certification Type

National Avg Salary - India

Avg Annual Salary - US

AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate To Expert

6 lac - 34 lac INR 


AWS Certified Developer - Associate

6 lac - 16 lac INR


AWS Certified DevOps

7 lac - 17 lac INR


Essential Tips For AWS Certification

By now you are aware of the AWS certificate cost and exam details. So to prepare for the AWS certification, the best tips for the AWS career path can be divided into two pathways, as mentioned below.

Prepare Yourself

If you want to learn AWS at your own pace, follow the steps below:

  • Set up your AWS certification account

  • Schedule your AWS exams

  • Become AWS savvy by exploring videos and online study material, but is that enough?

No, AWS certification requires a lot of basic and in-depth knowledge. So a better approach is to Collaborate With Us,

  • Meet our AWS Consultants,
  • Sign up for the next training available,
  • Get hands-on training from our Ninjas,
  • Learn from the most recent AWS training curriculum that covers AWS Architecture and Terminology, Identity Access Management & S3, Amazon VPC, Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Databases, Application Services, Amazon DynamoDB tutorial, Redshift and so much more,
  • Pass your exam and get certified,
  • Take your career to the next level.

To ensure that professionals keep their skills edged and up to date, AWS certification holders are required to recertify every two years. This means taking the recertification exam for the certification you currently hold. Authorized holders are eligible for a 50% discount voucher for the recertification exam.

If you are familiar with the concepts of AWS, then you only need to pay the AWS examination fees, and believe me! 99.9% of people follow this approach. All you need here is a fusion of learning, revision, and practice exams. You can take mock tests available on the internet.

Amazon is constantly adding more features and services to AWS to stay updated with the rapid growth of technology in the cloud market. Recertification of AWS consists of next-level certification, that is, from Practitioner to Expert level.

You can browse self-paced AWS master training courses on the internet matching AWS certifications and related to the other IT paths. You must also be aware of the competitors of AWS, that is, IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and OpenStack.

Do not get confused among competitors. Just focus on the company you want to opt for the effective growth of your career. These AWS certification programs help IT professionals prove their worth and improve their skills to design, implement and maintain these demanding solutions. So, Jumpstart your career in the IT industry and prove your worth.

Become an AWS Professional with our Cloud Computing Courses and Certifications

Course Title


AWS Solution Architect-Master

View Details

AWS SysOps Admin

View Details

AWS Developer

View Details

Azure Solution Architect -Master

View Details


Now that you know the top AWS certifications, different AWS certification costs, candidature, prerequisites, and tips to prepare, don’t waste any more time thinking about the next move. Check out a detailed AWS career roadmap, or get in touch with our AWS training consultant to kick-start your career right away!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is AWS Certification Really Worth It?

Ans:- It’s indeed worth it if your goal is to get an AWS certification to take your career to the next level. As reported by the State of the Cloud report, an AWS certification will directly boost the salary of about 80% of anyone taking the test.

Q2. How Long Will My AWS Certification Stay Valid?

Ans:-  Once you obtain an AWS certification, you’ll need to recertify it every 3 yrs. 

Q3. What Is Retake Policy For AWS Certification Exam?

Ans:-  You’ll have to wait 14 days to retake or re-appear for the AWS certification exam, but the catch here is you’ve to pay the total AWS exam fees for each re-take.

Q4. When will I Get My AWS Certification Results?

Ans:-  You’ll receive a pass or a fail result immediately, but it takes approx. 24 to 48 hrs to receive the certificate and the report card.

Q5. Can I Appear For the AWS Certification Exam At My Home?

Ans:-  Yes, you can appear for the AWS certification exam at your home via Pearson Vue. They’ll properly guide you throughout your AWS exam process.

Q6. What is the AWS cloud practitioner certification cost?

Ans:-  The AWS Practitioner certification cost  in India is around Rs. 6880/-. For the Associate-level exams, the AWS certification fee is 150 USD. The AWS exam cost for Professional-level and specialty exams is 300 USD.

Q7. What is the AWS cloud certification cost? 

Ans:- The Cloud Practitioner AWS certification exam fee is 100 USD. The AWS certificate cost for associate-level exams is 150 USD. For the Professional-level and Specialty exams, the AWS certification fee is 300 USD.

Q8. What are AWS course fees in the USA and India?

Ans:- The AWS certification cost in India is ₹10,700. On average the AWS certification cost in the US is 200 USD. 

Q9. What is the AWS security certification cost? 

Ans:- The AWS security certification cost is 300 USD. 

 Q10. How to find AWS Course near me?

Ans:- You can find the online AWS training through Google search. If you wish to study offline, check the Google listing to find an AWS course near me.


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