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How to Become a Successful Data Analyst?

Harvard business review rated the data analyst profession as the most excellent and superb choice for the 21st century. Data scientist field has become one of the rapidly sought-after domains for the technical aspirants and professionals. People from a variety of backgrounds are earning high salaries and getting lucrative benefits that is why they are preparing for the data science. Also, people from different backgrounds are adopting this profession and getting hired by the top-most companies. This blog is written to provide you an idea of the career path of data analyst or data scientist so that you can grasp the field and become a successful IT professional. Here, we have included a brief introduction to the career of data science and the skills required for this profession along with some information of salary structure that is being offered to these professionals by the organizations.
  • Right Skills Set Programming Mathematical
  • Earn Certifications CDMP SAS EMC
  • Why to Choose the Profession? High Demand Better Salary Evolving Field

A quick introduction to Data Analyst Profile

If you want to know that why data analyst jobs are most in-demand then search on LinkedIn the most promising jobs of 2018 and your answer will be there. LinkedIn and Glassdoor like popular websites say that data analyst is one of the topmost jobs for many years to come. To take the data analyst job, you must have an idea of the profile and appropriate skill set as well. Moreover, to earn the major career advantages and earn fat pay packages you must acquire all possible information about the data analyst field. Data analyst profile is a part of the Big Data profession in which the professionals are supposed to compile and analyze statistics and information for their businesses so that they can identify the problems and suggest the possible solutions. They have to also ensure the data accuracy and build a database to store appropriate information. Business managers may also ask some recommendations from them to improve the quality and efficiency of their business. Analysts have to spend many hours with computers to take out a crisp information.

Tips to become a data analyst and get lucrative Salary Packages

So, if you are passionate about data, statistics, algebraic functions then just shape your career and grasp all required skills to become a professional. Basically, below-listed skills are required to be a data analyst:
  • Basic SQL skills
  • Pattern finding and matching ability
  • Some knowledge of development skills
  • Ability to find actionable insights from processed data
  • Knowledge and experience in Microsoft Excel
In the end, we can say that data analyst jobs involve higher mathematics and statistics. The job involves both software development and programming.

Learn Programming

As far as popular and most used programming skills required for data analyst profession is concerned then mostly R and Python are used by data analysts. Learn machine learning languages if you want to be a perfect data analyst. As far as machine learning languages are concerned then you must know supervised, unsupervised and reinforced learning. You must be familiar with below-listed concepts if you want to be a perfect data analyst:
  • Linear and Logical Regression
  • Random Forest
  • Clustering
  • Decision Tree
  • K Nearest Neighbor
Deep learning is also recommended for machine learning professionals. You must know the below-listed concepts of deep learning if you want to become a perfect machine learning experience:
  • Neural Network Fundamentals
  • Tensor flow or Keras like deep learning libraries so that perfect learning models can be generated
  • Understand how Recurrent, Convolutional Neural network, Autoencoders.

Learn the Data Visualization

Data visualization is also imperative in the data processing life-cycle. Even it also requires a good knowledge of data processing tools. Few tools are listed below that may be required and used by the professionals:
  • Tableau
  • Google Charts
  • Data wrapper
  • Kibana
Having knowledge of these tools can make you a perfect and efficient data analyst.

Master the Big Data Skills

Big data is almost everywhere and is required by almost all data science professionals, Today, every organization wants to collect and store all data that is present across social networking sites and throughout the internet. They do not want to miss out any information that may be of their use. Today huge data is floating around all over the internet it may be beneficial in various ways for the organizations. Even use of this data depends totally on the organizational requirement. Big data is in the frontiers of IT field and it makes the process of decision making and business conduction easier. It has become a crucial part of every organization and can provide cutting-edge solutions for complicated organizational issues. So, data analysts must also know about Big data frameworks like Spark or Hadoop.

Learn Data Ingestion and Data Munging

Data ingestion means to import, transfer, process and load the data to and from the database. Here data loading and sourcing can be performed from various sources. Here are many tools used for this process like:
  • Apache Sqoop
  • Apache Flume
Before applying the data analytical models, data analysts have to perform feature selection also. This is a part of making raw data clean that involve many steps. The complete process to make raw data clean is known as data munging. R and Python packages can also be used for this purpose. It is one of the most important parts of the data life-cycle. Being a data analyst or scientist, you must know which feature is important and must be there in the package, along with the information of the features that must not be part of your package. Any data inconsistency must be removed. This is the task and steps for data munging.

Earn Big data Certifications

There are a number of certifications available for data scientist or data analyst profession. Which one is appropriate for you totally depends on your organizational requirement? Plenty of articles are also available that can help you in getting information about these certifications. A certification can help you in grasping all the information and knowledge and help to prove your skills in front of the employer. Most popular certifications are:

1). SAS Certified Base Programmer for SAS 9

SAS provides certifications it is considered as one of the topmost credentials. This test checks the ability to import and export data from raw files along with other operations. Other operations include data manipulation, data transformation and combining various data sets. They must have the skill to correct data and remove all programming and logical errors.

2). EMC Proven Data Analyst Professionals

These professionals are known to have all required skills for this profession. Certification includes the questions that are relevant to data processing like cleaning or data and use of various techniques to make it relevant and organized. EMC is the certification that helps the professionals in becoming the relevant one.

3). CDMP or Certified Data Management Professional

This is authorized by the non-profit organization like DAMA or Data Management International Association. In this certification, there are four credentials for the professional that are associate, practitioner, master, and the fellow level. The candidates with 6-month experience can become associate level professional and must have strong knowledge of DMBOK principles. The candidates with more than 5 years experience can become CDMP professional and after 10 years they can become the data management professional practitioner and apply for the master CDMP. CDMP fellows have extensive experience of data management field and can become a proven speaker, publisher, workshop presenter, and other similar ones.

Why should you choose Data Analyst as a profession?

Data scientists have become the most in-demand professionals and it has been declared as one of the hottest jobs. The professionals have the skills and background of statistics, Math, programming, business, and other important domains. These skills help them to become a perfect professional and here we have listed the topmost reasons to become a data analyst and to join this profession:

1). Increased Demand

Global demand for skilled professionals is increasing day by day even many experts have said that the demand for skilled professionals will reach to 140,000 to 180,000 in a few years. Here the supply of the skilled professionals is lower than demand this increases the chance of getting a job and every professional is trying their luck in this field.

2). High Salaries

It has been seen that the average salary of data analysis professional is INR 6,50,000 OA in India and even in the USA this is almost $1,20,931. This shows that the initial level salary is quite better for data analysts and it will become even far good for the professionals in coming years. Along with experience, the salary gets better even.

3). Evolving Field

Data science is supposed to be an evolving field and the demand of the scientists is also increasing. As the scientists have a variety of skills so can help the organizations in making better decisions in a more organized way. They can get many opportunities to work with various organizations. Final Words: Data science is part of Big Data and involves knowledge of various tools and technology. Data science has become the essential part for almost every organization, so they are hiring the skilled professionals. The scientists or analysts can make the task easier and provide the information in a more organized way.

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