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23 Smart Data Analytics Tools For Perfect Data Management

Introduction to Data Analytics Tools Guide

Data analysis tools are the survivor heroes for the data-centric organization, these tools do the heroic job of procuring and transforming data in any raw or unstructured form into a usable & readable form. A form that could immensely help organizations get insights into their key customers, resources and industry, and stakeholders. There is no denying the fact that “Companies who invest no time, effort & money in the process of retracting meaning from any form of data have full chances of blowing out early from the competition”. These insights further help organizations to take faster key decisions. 

No matter if you have or have not deployed the data analytics tool in your business system, in the following guide, we will unfold “what is data analysis tools”, and which popular data analysis tools for research are getting wide adoption this year and why. But before that, let's understand “what is data analysis tools?” - basics first.

What Are Data Analysis Tools?

Data Analysis is the process of procuring, transforming, and modeling any form of data into sensible information for helping businesses make sound & productive decision-making. So “what are data analysis tools”? Every business produces tons of data every now and then, that data is processed through certain data analysis tools online which helps in creating data reports that are examined and scrutinized by businesses to identify their future decisions or processes to flatten the curve of their businesses complexities.

How to Choose a Data Analytics Tools, Best of Your Need?

Since there is a large number of data analytics tools available, how do you find one that’s a good fit for your company? Does it meet business requirements, technical requirements, or Organizational & Strategical Requirements?

You can start by considering your organization’s business operational needs and learning who will be using that analytics tool. Will it be used by only sophisticated data analysts and data scientists, or can it be efficiently used by any non-technical users? Also, consider whether the tool provides support for visualizations relevant to your enterprise.

What are the tool's data modeling capabilities? How is it more efficient than a few other tools? And don’t forget to consider price and licensing. Some offerings are free, while others charge licensing or subscription fees, here please mind it the most expensive tools are not necessarily the most featured ones. So, compare in all respects to come up with the best one.

Now that you know what factors to look at while choosing the most prominent data analytics tool, let’s jump into the list of best data analytics tools.

23 Data Analytics Tools for Research which are Smart, Intuitive & Reasonable to Use

Let’s find out the most popular and purpose-led data analytics tools in researching and extracting value from the data:

1. MariaDB:

MariaDB is one of the best open-source relational data analytics tools.


  • MariaDB is a relational database but it can be used for both transactional and analytical purposes.
  • MariaDB helps with transforming any data into structured information in diverse applications.
  • The tool’s SQL interface allows easy access to data both in the cloud and on-premise environments.

2. OpenRefine:

OpenRefine is among the best data cleaning & data analytics tools.


  • OpenRefine is one of the data analysis tools online that provide free cleaning & transformation of any form of data. 
  • The tool was formerly called “Google Refine” and is present in multiple languages for the feasibility of different language-speaking Business Analysts.
  • It is the most secure analysis tool. Once it cleans the data, the datasets can be extended to external web services.

3. Looker:

Looker is among best business intelligence & visualizations Data Analytics Tools


  • The Looker tool comes with smooth & intuitive to use drag and drop UI. 
  • The tool alone can help with modern visualization, BI (business intelligence), data analysis and management alone.
  • The best part about this tool is that it can seamlessly connect with any database be it - Redshift, snowflake.
  • The tool has great support for diverse deployment methods and data sources.


KNIME is one of the best data analysis tools online to visually create data flows. KNIME

  • The KNIME tool supports multithreaded & in-memory data processing.
  • It makes great use of popular programming languages like Python and R to make robust data science apps.
  • Whether you are a beginner or professional business analyst, you will have zero difficulties in understanding its use, as it has easy to use drag-and-drop GUI.

5. RapidMiner:

RapidMiner Studio is one of the most powerful data mining & Data Analytics Tools.


  • It is a popular choice amongst organizations & business analysts because of its capacity to produce productive outcomes that too with the power of automated machine learning.
  •  It is a great choice to enhance collaboration between the teams.
  • The tool has a visual workflow designer which is useful for Hadoop and Spark.
  • Its in-built security controls and exemption from writing manual codes make it a productive choice for the fast-paced organizations.

6. Lexalytics:

Lexalytics is a complete Voice of Employee analytics platform used as one of the best data analysis tools online.

  • Lexalytics is one of the best data analysis tools for research & transformation of data from customers' end. The tools extract data from their tweets, posts & comments.
  • The tool puts real value and meaning to the data using the great mix of NLP, machine learning, and text analytics.
  • The tool is effective at gathering the feelings, behavior, attitude, and expectations of the potential or buying customers with ease.

7. Orange:

Orange is one of the best open-source data visualization, machine learning Data Analytics Tools.

  • Orange is one of the open-source data analysis tools online.
  • The orange tool helps with presenting the data visuals in the most interactive & interesting way via its machine learning capabilities.
  • It’s an open-source tool that stands compatible with all OS - Mac, Windows, Linux.

8. Content Grabber Enterprise:

Content Grabber Enterprise is one of the leading enterprise web data Analytics Tools.

  • Content Grabber is an excellent tool by Sequentum that provides some advanced level of data extraction, along with additional capacities to produce, develop & test as well.
  • As a cloud-based tool, it is quite complicated to use for beginners but great for someone who is already well-rounded with knowledge on programming and data analysis.
  • The tool alone handles multiple tasks like debugging, error handling, data export, scripting and more.

9. NodeXL:

NodeXL is one of the most powerful and easy-to-use interactive network visualization and Data Analytics Tools.


  • This tool is divided into two versions one is NodeXL basic and the other one is NodeXL Pro.
  • Talking about the basic version of this data analysis tool in research & data transformation - NodeXL,  it is a free source and has an impeccable ability to visually & analytically present network graphs inside Microsoft Excel. 
  • Whereas in NodeXL pro, it has high-power capabilities of AI and sentiment analysis that helps with fetching of social media networks related data.

10. Weka:

Weka is free software available, contains a collection of visualization tools and algorithms used as one of the Best Data Analytics Tools.


  • Weka is a great tool for conducting multiple data mining.
  • Weka is an open-source analysis tool that hosts deep learning and has a great way around with machine learning algorithms to classify, cluster, visualization, regressions, model building, and much more.

11. Tableau:

Tableau is Business Intelligence Software used as one of the best Data Analytics Tools.Tableau

  • Tableau’s unbelievably fast connectivity to cloud-based and local sources makes insights gathering tasks much easier.
  • The tools host an intuitive interface that lets easy performing of data sourcing and analysis in a streamlined workflow.
  • Tableau allows easy embedding of its analytics into any business app as it uses powerful integration web tech like Javascript APIs and functions like single sign-on.
  • Its geospatial and statistical functions make it a worth appreciating choice.
  • The tools also house recurring reports with ease.
  • Tableau as one of the data analysis tools in research gives effective and well-presented visualizations and analytics. 

12. Thoughtspot:

Thoughtspot is one of the best data analytics tools used for data visualization.


  • Thoughtspot tool’s uniqueness lies in its look and appeal, which is similar to a search engine. Here the data exploration and analytics are much easy & conversational, as it is run by AI.
  • The tool parses any request entered and presents it in the most compelling visuals as attractive bar charts.
  • The tool extends great in-memory processing, visual data sourcing and back-end cluster management of big data.

13. Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS):

SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) is among the best reporting data analytics tools.

Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)

  • Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) by Microsoft is another great BI and reporting tool that can very well integrate with the data management stack of Microsoft and SQL services.  
  • The tool provides the capacity to build the output in spreadsheet format from visualizations & reports.
  • The tool supports recurring reports very well.
  • The tool comes with a free SQL server and here you can prepare formatted reports in the form of images, charts, data, and graphs.

14. Domo:

Domo is among the top cloud-based data analytics tools used to provide direct, simplified, real-time access to business data.


  • Domo is suitable for users with less technical knowledge.
  • The tool has more than 500 data connectors & Visual Dataprep interface to greatly support data sourcing and data transformation.
  • The tool hosts great Business Intelligence capabilities that make the task of visualization and collaboration between teams much more effective.
  • Domo gives equal support to mobile devices and desktop experiences.

15. Power BI:

Power BI is used as one of the best data analytics tools that turn unrelated sources of data into meaningful insights.

Power BI

  • Power BI is another great tool for data analysis that is an extraction from Excel (it was its plug-in before).
  • Power BI supports and has iterative updates each month, to give users better & improved data analysis.
  • The tool is divided into 3 licensing versions - one is Power BI free version, second is Power BI Pro version, third is Power BI Premium.
  • However, the free version is suitable for someone who doesn't require hard and fast features to data sourcing & transformation, as the free version has missing features compared to pro and premium versions.
  • The tool lets anyone do the complex data analysis (just like you write formulas in Excel) due to its robust DAX language and PowerPivot support.

16. FineReport:

FineReport is among the top web reporting and data analysis tools online.


  • It is a self-service based data analysis tool that is compatible in use for business suites.
  • The tool gives a drag and drop interface that lets designing of a variety of reports very smoothly.
  • The tool can integrate with all kinds of databases.
  • Its great customization capabilities allow users to create weekly, monthly or annual reports with ease.
  • The best thing is, its interface is quite similar to that of MS Excel, so users who know Excel won’t face difficulties.
  • The tool hosts a variety of features that allows simplified tasking around report creation & management, report permission assigning, data entry and so on.
  • The tool comes with great visualization functions, having a variety of dashboard templates to choose from, along with self-created visual plug-in libraries.
  • The tool is very affordable to pockets as well as its all versions are open-source and its personal version is completely free to use.

17. Talend:

Talend is one of the good data analytics tools used for Data Integration.


  • Talent is a free source tool that has wizards which make connecting with big data platforms like Spark and Hadoop much easier.
  • The business users can easily enable self-service data preparation with its functionality of unique data fabric and integrated toolset.
  • The tool makes data preparation much easier for users, it helps users view clean and usable data.
  • All in all, Talend as one of the data analysis tools for research is a good choice for data integration projects.

18. Sisense:

Sisense is one of the popular agile business intelligence Data Analytics Tools.


  • Sisene offers integrated data analytics platforms for users with the ability to have strong governance over each user role, data levels & objects.
  • This is one of the data analysis tools online, that is compatible to function over the private cloud and on-premise environments.
  • It offers a streamlined data sourcing & preparation environment to the users.
  • The tool uses integration technologies & functions like JS APIs and single sign-on functions. 
  • The tool provides embedded analytics and gives each user liberty to customize the embedded visualizations with ease.

19. Pentaho:

Pentaho is one of the business intelligence data analysis tools online used for reporting, data mining, and extract, transform load (ETL) capabilities.


  • Pentaho focuses on IoT data collection and capabilities to blend with different data sources like CRM systems or ERP systems of any business.
  • The tool seamlessly connects with big data platforms like Hadoop, and NoSQL.
  • The tool provides speedy data collections via its unique metadata injection functionality and great built-in integration with IoT end-points.
  • With this you will get a range of visualizations - from simple reports to you will even get complex predictive models.
  • This tool also supports embedded analytics.

20 . Dataiku:

Dataiku is one of the most advanced data analysis tools online using the latest techniques at scale.


  • Dataiku is very effective at data sourcing and preparation as well as for building predictive models
  • The tool can integrate very-well with data mining tools and makes some great visualizations for use. 
  • The tool hosts a collaborative environment, where team members can work in unison to help each other learn, share and gain together.
  • The tool is based on data science and has great feasibility to bring deep analytical use cases, related to spatial analytics, fraud detection, demand forecasting, lifetime value optimization, and churn analytics.

21. Solver:

Solver is among the few good tools used to process the data and find an optimal (maximum or minimum) value for a formula in one cell.


  • Solver or BI360 suite comes with great support for on-premise and cloud environments and gives dynamic reporting via support of exquisite & modern integrations.
  • This easy to handle report writer is excellent for web, mobile and excel interfaces.
  • A great tool for finance-related professionals with strong financial reporting capabilities & functions. The users get outputs in diverse layouts and presentation formats.
  • The BI360 suite gives integrated budgeting and workflow analytics along with industry-centric templates & layouts.
  • After connecting this suite with data sources, you can opt for any template, and get all the outputs displayed on a predefined dashboard.

22. QLik:

QlikView is one of the best business intelligence data analysis tools online used for data integration, conversational analytics, and converting raw data into a knowledge base.  


  • QLik comes with speedy insights as it automates data discovery & relationships between different data sources, throughout data sourcing & preparation.
  •  The tool greatly supports web, mobile, and mobile application integration for embedded analytics.
  • QLik’s engine automatically acquires the data from all inbound sources and represents only the combined data to the end-user.
  • Many users can process from simplified to complex to diverse data sets, as it supports in-memory processing architecture. Its in-memory processing architecture involves - binary indexing, dynamic calculation, and more.
  • QLik supports  RESTful APIs along with JS and HTML5. 

23. Microstrategy:

MicroStrategy is among the top enterprise business intelligence (BI) data analysis tools online that supports interactive dashboards, scorecards, highly formatted reports, ad hoc queries, thresholds and alerts, and automated report distribution.


  • This is one of the oldest data analysis tools in research & data analysis. The tool has an easy time integrating with OS like Windows, iOS, and Android.  
  • The tool can easily connect with diverse enterprise systems like ERP, and cloud data vendors.
  • The tool gives great emphasis to security and has the support of different BI functions of visualization, data transformation, and user administration.

Read more about data analysis tools and techniques.

Final Words on Best Data Analytics Tools!

So this was the guide to “what is data analysis tools?” and many powerful data analysis tools for research and data valuation that every small scale to big chain data-centric organization is vouching for. Above all, the two data analysis tools in research that are taking the data industry by storm are Tableau and Microsoft SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services). 

To learn about the best data analysis tools in research, you can enroll for our explicit Data Science Certification Training, Business Analyst Certification Training or to learn specifically about Tableau, you can enroll in our Tableau Certification Training Program. All three training programs will give you an understanding of data analysis tools online, as well as other required knowledge related to data and business management. Our every training program is virtually taught and is supported by experts who created course material that’s substantial to clear the certification examination and become certified professionals around data analysis. Confused about which one to go for? Explore each course page in explicit and read the course topics to understand the course roadmap and to understand what we exactly teach. You can enroll in our demo classes, you know why? Because they are free!

Does this post helpful in understanding what is data analytics tools? And how you can choose the best one? Feel free to comment below!!

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