What is the difference between visibility hidden and display none?

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When I was designing a web page I encountered a scenario where I wanted to hide an element from the interface of users, however, I was confused between using visibility: hidden: and display:none for doing so. Explain to me the differences between them. 

Answered by Danilo Guidi

 In the context of web development, there is a minor difference between visibility hidden and display none. Here are the differences given:-

Visibility hidden

This function is mainly used in hiding the element, however, it holds its position and size on the interface of the user. Therefore, ultimately it acts like a transparent tool.

.hidden-element {
  Visibility: hidden;

Display none

This is the opposite of visibility hidden as it not only hides the element but it also removes its position and size from the layout, unlike display none. Thus, it becomes fully invisible and doesn’t want any space in the interface of web pages.

.hidden-element {
  Display: none;

Therefore, the choice between both two depends upon your requirements. If you want to hide an element however you also want to maintain its size and position then you should use visibility hidden. It will make you transparent. However, if you want to disable its position and size then you can utilize the display none option.

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