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I can find no mention of the error we are occasionally seeing. We've had Social Customer Service setup for years and in a few different orgs without issue.

The error message we are getting is "". When I first saw it I assumed this particular FB user has revoked permission for apps to send them private messages, but we've seen it for multiple users now in the space of a few days. It's only happening on one of our social accounts so far.

I've raised a case with Salesforce to get some clarity on the issue and will update here when I get a response.

Anyone else having the same issue, or has seen it before?

Answered by Kudo Taniguchi

Facebook has introduced a change on June 30th that will impact private messaging facebook.

You can see the changes in their developer documentation located here:

  • Please use the steps listed in the article to reauthorize the Facebook pages in Social Studio

Once complete, go the Salesforce and refresh the social account list using the steps listed below

  1. Setup
  2. Quick find Social Customer Service
  3. Social Accounts

Click on the curved arrow on the top right hand side to refresh the list.

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