What are the main differences in Radius vs LDAP?

902    Asked by ranjan_6399 in SQL Server , Asked on Jan 19, 2022
Can the Radius and LDAP be used together? How are these two different?
Answered by Ranjana Admin
The difference between Radius vs LDAP is that - LDAP is a database with user information (including passwords). Radius is a protocol for authentication (and other things) but does not contain any user information by itself. This means you could use Radius to authenticate against various kinds of password storage, including an LDAP database.

Support for Radius can be found in lots of devices and with a simple interface any authentication protocol can be used which is supported by the Radius server. Depending on the radius server this can be simple password storage, LDAP, 2FA... . Thus if a specific system directly supports LDAP authentication you can use it, if it supports only Radius (more common) than you could use a Radius server with LDAP support and this way get the LDAP authentication to the system.

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