Openvas vs nessus - what's the difference?

432    Asked by AndreaBailey in SQL Server , Asked on Nov 15, 2022

When we compare Openvas v/s Nessus, both appear to have fairly similar features. Why would you choose one over the other, besides the benefit of commercial support (which isn't available for Nessus Home Feed users anyways)?

Answered by Anil Jha

openvas vs nessusĀ Nessus is a vulnerability scanner by Tenable Networks while OpenVAS is an open-source vulnerability scanner, by Greenbone Networks GmbH, under the GNU General Public License. Both of these Vulnerability Assessment Systems (VAS) cover many different CVEs from the database of known vulnerabilities. Nessus is a proprietary tool and obviously is better in some ways than OpenVAS. Both VAS are used for managing vulnerabilities in small to large organisations and enterprises to ensure and keep their security up to date in real-time. Also, Nessus has a trial version which is free of cost for personal use in a non-commercial environment for a limited period of time and their paid packages start from around $2500/year.

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