Is using TechBench downloaders safe to download Windows ISO?

1.4K    Asked by AnkitChauhan in SQL Server , Asked on Dec 21, 2021

 Are TechBench Downloaders safe to use? Can I download Windows ISO in a secure manner using it? 

I read on a website the below lines but I want to know if it is safe.  Microsoft provides Media Creation Tool to download official ISO images for its various Windows versions using its site. ... Using this third party tool “TechBench” you can download ISO images for Windows 10, 8.1, 7 versions, and more easily. 

Answered by Amit verma

It appears that TechBench is simply providing an interface to download these "hidden" files from Microsoft's servers.Given that Google Chrome says you're downloading from, you're getting the file straight from Microsoft over a secure connection. So yes, it's safe.

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