I Got IP Logged. Should I Be Worried If Someone Has My IP Address? What Should I Do About It?

270    Asked by Dhruvtiwari in SQL Server , Asked on Sep 22, 2023

I mistakenly clicked a link that a random person had sent me on my phone. It possessed an IP logger. Can I know what data they can fetch from it? I am very scared since they have my IP. Is this something to worry about? What can they do with my IP address?

Answered by Danna sahi

It’s not a really great issue if someone has your IP logged. Each website visited by you fetches your IP. The information your IP displays is the type of ISP used by you and what location you stay at. In case you use a phone, the IP address keeps changing whenever you move on to another cell tower. There is nothing to be tense about if anyone has got your IP> However, avoid visiting and clicking on suspicious links. They can be risky, and it is not directly connected to IP logging.

What does IP logged actually suggest? It means the IP address of the computer that was deployed to write a comment is depicted in the comment. The IP address refers to a number that partially detects the system that posts to the internet. Whenever you make a comment on an entry, you can get a warning notice in case IP logging is switched on. Your IP address will not deliver any kind of personal details, such as your contact number or true location. However, attackers can use it for various motives.

Hackers can utilize your IP address to get your actual location, or they can aim at grabbing your confidential data. The hackers can also sell IP addresses and other personal information on the dark web. Hackers can use it to hack your system or phone. Snoopers can also track and record your activity. Apart from this, service providers can keep spamming your feed with customized ads. They can also ban your IP address. A cybercriminal can attack with a DDoS attack also. They might as well charge you for illegal operations.

So to answer your question. “Should I be worried if someone has my IP address”, the answer is no. You need to stay calm and composed and find solutions. Fortunately, there are solutions. You can modify the privacy settings, upgrade the firewall and router, and deploy a VPN to stop anyone from using your IP address.

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