How can j design a SQL query for retrieving the data for a particular category of products In an e-commerce company?

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I am currently working on an e-commerce platform that wants to analyze the data of the sales for a particular category of products. Consider a database schema with tables like “products”, “categories” and “sales”. My task is to retrieve the data for a particular category with the following columns.

“productID”, “ProductName”, “Quantity Sold”, “SaleAmount”.  What should be the SQL query for extracting this above subset of the sales data for the category that is given? 

Answered by Charles Parr

 In the context of SQL, you can go through the process of a subset in SQL for retrieving the subset of sales data for your particular e-commerce platform by using the following approach:-




    Products P


      Sales S ON P.ProductID = S.ProductID


      Categories C ON P.CategoryID = C.CategoryID


      C.CategoryID = ‘your_category_id’;

In this above coding, you can change “Your_replace_id” with the actual ID of your particular category which you want to be retrieved from the sales data. The above query would join the products, sales, and categories tables based on their respective Its, and then after it will filter out the results for only including the specified category of sales data.

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