How can I write a SQL query for categorizing the salary of employees in SQL?

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 I am assigned a task which is related to analyzing data in SQL. In this task, there is a table whose name is “employees” with the following columns: “employee_id” “employee_name” and “salary”. How can I write an SQL query for categorizing employees' salaries based on the categories of low, medium, and high? Here are the following criteria:

  • If the salary is less than 30000 then it should be counted as low

  • If the salary is between 30000 and 60000 then it should be counted as medium

  • If the salary is above 60000 then it should be categorized as high. 

The query should retrieve the “employee_name” and their respective category.

Answered by Bernadette Bond

In the context of SQL, you can achieve your objective by using the multiple CASE WHEN function in SQL.

Here is the SQL query for getting the specified categorization:

        WHEN salary < 30000> 60000 THEN ‘High’
    END AS salary_category


This above query will certainly use the CASE WHEN statement for categorizing the salary of employees based on the provided criteria as low, medium and high. The results would include the “employee name” and their respective “salary_category”.

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