How can I use the function of IF and ELSE in Excel to create a mechanism that can calculate the bonus for employees?

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 I have been assigned a particular task that is related to using spreadsheets. In this particular task knees to implement IF and ELSE functions for the creation of conditional statements which can calculate a bonus for employees based on their performances. In this function, if the performance score is above a certain threshold then the bonus would be awarded, however, if the score is not enough as threshold then the award would be denied. Explain the steps for me to get this objective. 

Answered by Chloe Burgess

You can use the IF ELSE in Excel for the conditional statement for calculating the bonus based on the employees' performances. Here is the example scenario given:-

Let us consider that the performance of employees' score is in cell A1 and the bonus would be calculated in cell B1, then:-

  =IF(A1 > 90, “High Bonus”, IF(A1 >= 80, “Medium Bonus”, “No Bonus”))

In this above formula if the performance score in cell A1 is greater than 90, the employees would get a high bonus. If the score is between 80 to 90 then the employees would get a medium bonus. If the score is below 80 then the employees would not get any bonus.

You can also use the IF and ELSE functions in SQL for achieving this development of mechanism:-

        WHEN performance_score > 90 THEN ‘High Bonus’
        WHEN performance_score >= 80 THEN ‘Medium Bonus’
        ELSE ‘No Bonus’
    END AS bonus_category
FROM your_employee_table;

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