How can I use the chmod for allowing all the permission 777 to all files in the directory”public_html”?

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 I am currently assigned a task that is related to managing the file structure of a particular website. For this, I would need to grant full permission (777) to all the files and folders within the directory of “public_html”. Explain to me how can I accomplish this by using the command “chmod” with the recursive flag. 

Answered by Deirdre Cameron

 In the context of SQL, you can use chmod777 recursive with R flag for allowing permission to all files and directories within the “public_html” directory.

In the terminal or even command, you would need to navigate to the parent directory which contains the directory of “public_html” and then after you can utilize the following command:-

  “chmod -R 777 public_html”

Thus above command would change the permission of the directory “public_html” and also all its contents to 777, which would help you in providing reading, writing, and executing permission to the owner, group, and even others.

Do not forget that if you use “chmod 777” then it will grant full permission to everyone, which can further create a security risk if done indiscriminately, especially on the servers like web which are accessible all over the internet. Therefore, it is essential to be cautious when you go through the process of opening permission.

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