How can I troubleshoot the “ SQLcode 104 SQLstate 42601” issue in PostgreSQL?

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 I have been assigned a particular task that is related to using PostgreSQL. In the PostgreSQL database query, I encountered a scenario where an error message occurred which was showing “SQLcode 104 SQLstate 42601”. How can I troubleshoot this particular issue? 

In the context of SQL, if you are getting the issue message of “SQL code 104 SQLstate 42601” then this generally refers to the errors related to syntax. To resolve this particular issue, you can follow the following example:-

Incorrect SQL query with a syntax error

  SELECT * FROM Users WHERE name = ‘John’ AND age > 25 AND;

In this case, the semicolon (;) at the end of the query is not required. If you remove the semicolon the issue will be resolved:

Corrected SQL query

  SELECT * FROM Users WHERE name = ‘John’ AND age > 25;

Try to ensure that each part of the SQL statement should be correctly structured and all the keywords, operators and clauses should also be used appropriately. Moreover, you should look to check the missing or misplaced parentheses, commas, and question marks, because they are the common sources of syntax errors.

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