How can I make cells uneditable in Microsoft Excel?

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I have been assigned a specific task which is related to using an Excel spreadsheet. For my particular task, I need to prevent a cell from being edited. In other words, I want to make cells uneditable for maintaining the integrity of the data. How can I do so? 

In the context of SQL, if you want to make your cells uneditable in Microsoft Excel, if you aim to make your cells uneditable then, you should follow the following steps which are given below:-

Select the cells that you want to protect or prevent from being edited.

Now you would need to right-click on the selected cells.

Now choose the format cells option and go to the protection tab.

Now uncheck the locked to unlock the cells which you have chosen in step one.

Now you verify by going to the review tab. Click on the project sheet and set a password if you want.

Ensure that the protected sheet and contents of locked cells are selected.

If you are using Excel programming by using a language like Visual Basic for application, then you can get this by using the following code:-

Sub ProtectSelectedCells()
    ‘ Unlock selected cells
    Selection.Locked = False
    ‘ Protect the worksheet
    ActiveSheet.Protect Password:=”YourPassword”, UserInterfaceOnly:=True

End Sub

This above code would unlock the selected cells in visual basic for application, allowing changes through the user interface while keeping the specific cells uneditable. In the above coding, you can change “your password” according to your desire.

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