How can data insert/update/delete in a table using a stored procedure?

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Answered by Rachit Gupta

We can insert/update/delete data in the table by passing the values in parameters and inserting /updating/ deleting the data into the table. After operations the best thing is to get the output so that it is confirmed that the requirement is fulfilled or not.

In the below procedure insert is tested, however update/delete statements can be changed as per requirement

-- Create Stored Procedure

create PROCEDURE usp_TestInsertTable

@p_First VARCHAR(50),

@p_Second VARCHAR(50),

@p_Result VARCHAR(50) out



insert into input_values –- Insert data in table from input parameter

select @p_First,@p_Second

set @p_Result= @@ROWCOUNT; --get the count of records at the end of the result


-- execute the procedure


declare @p_Result VARCHAR(50)

 exec usp_TestInsertTable 'Data1', 'data2' , @p_Result out

select @p_Result output_value -–check data from the variable

select * from input_values -–check data in the table

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