Why can I not create scratch org?

209    Asked by Aashishchaursiya in Salesforce , Asked on May 2, 2023

I have an issue when invoke this line in terminal

sfdx force:org:create edition=Developer -a MyScratchOrg -s -v devHub

or this one

sfdx force:org:create -f config/enterprise-scratch-def.json -a MyScratchOrg .

The answer is

ERROR running force:org:create:  Parse error in file unknown on line 1.

What does it mean? And how can I resove it?

Answered by Audrey Berry

I have faced the same issue, was unable to create scratch org, if you check your SFDX-Cli installation folder at: /Users/yourName/.sf/sf.json /Users/yourName/.sfdx/sfdx-config.json one of those json files are corrupted, in my case it had an extra curly brace "}" in the end of file. If you open it on VSCode you will easily find it.

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