What should be done? Blocking Salesforce Inspector or other browser extension?

396    Asked by Dannasahi in Salesforce , Asked on Aug 30, 2023

 I prefer SF Inspector for its flexible use and its ability to browse SF objects. But I hate SF inspectors for this, as well. But I want to control the user of browser extensions. But I want to do that from within Salesforce versus. When I did some research about it, I found that I could build a login flow to identify a browser used by someone else. This link may help you: 


You can also use a transaction security policy. 

But I need help understanding how to get it if a browser extension is activated. Here is something that can help you: 


However, this may not be accessed by using the SF login flow. Can anyone suggest anything to me? 

Answered by Darsh K

While doing the Salesforce inspector Chrome extension, a user can bypass transaction security policies, limiting the number of records able to be exported. Since the extension has its own mechanism for query (report API), it can be stopped. Preventing a user from downloading various records by using an inspector is possible. It only needs a custom policy in Apex, and it also needs to keep track of the user’s actions.

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