What Is The Collaboration Diagram In Software Engineering?

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What are the elements in the collaboration diagram in software engineering?

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Collaboration diagram in software engineering are meant to depict the way objects communicate to execute the behavior of a certain use case or a part of a use case. Collaboration diagrams are utilized by designers in addition to sequence diagrams to mention and denote the roles of the objects that perform a certain flow of events of a use case. They refer to the sole source of information meant to identify class responsibilities and interfaces.

A collaboration refers to an accumulation of defined objects and actors with connections. They work together in executing a definite task. A collaboration also mentions a range of participants and connections that are substantial for a particular set of motives. A Collaboration between objects performing together offers emergent apt functionalities in object-oriented systems. Every object partly assists emergent functionalities and is capable of creating top-class functionalities by performing together. The objects collaborate by interacting with each other to perform collectively.

A collaboration diagram depicts the connections among various objects. They are compatible with analysis activities due to the format they possess. They also are suitable for showing easy interactions with tiny objects. It is possible to utilize the collaboration diagrams in various ways. Every object present in the collaboration is named, and the class is also specified. All classes do not need to be displayed. There can be more than a single object, and the class can be unspecified. The objects may be unnamed. However, you must name them to differentiate them from other objects of the same class.

Last but not least, there are four prime elements in a collaboration diagram. They are objects, actors, links, and messages between objects. The objects are depicted as rectangles with naming labels contained within them. The labels abide by the rule of object name class name. When an object contains a property that affects the collaboration, this must be considered. Actors refer to instances that trigger the interaction in the collaboration diagram. Every actor contains a name and a role, with an actor beginning the whole use case. The links connect objects with actors and are represented by a line between two components. Messages between objects are depicted as a labeled arrow positioned near a link. The messages are interactions between objects that transfer data regarding the activity and may have a sequence number also.

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