What is a SOQL like query?

509    Asked by AlanTaylor in Salesforce , Asked on Sep 23, 2022

I am trying to make a query that will search for accounts with a name similar or exactly matching a field value.

So for example I have "Sales-Force" in the field. There is an account called "Salesforce" or "Sales Force"

My current query

Select Id, Name FROM Account WHERE Name LIKE '%Sales-Force%'
This isn't returning my accounts named "Sales Force" or "Salesforce" in my query editor.

UPDATED * My Apex code

string accountName= record.Name;
        accountName = accountName.replace('-', '%');
    if(accountName.contains(' '))
        accountName = accountName.replace(' ', '%');
    accountName= '%' + accountName+ '%';
List accountLookup = new List();
accountLookup = [Select Id, Name FROM Account WHERE Name LIKE :accountName];

Answered by Aditya Yadav

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