What does it cost to put an app on AppExchange?

467    Asked by CsabaToth in Salesforce , Asked on Jul 12, 2021

What should I do and how much it will cost to place an app on AppExchange? Please, provide an answer for paid app and totally free. What I found is a bit contradictory. One answer says that to publish any app you need to join partner program (which is free) and pay for app review ($2700 one time), and other says that for free you just need to join and no need to pay for a review.

Answered by Ema Harada

To list on the app exchange you need to be a partner. If the app is a paid managed app you will have to pay the security review fee. Unmanaged apps cannot be listed IIRCĀ Additionally you will have a Revenue share (something like 25% now I think) with SF. The cost would be $2,700. The impact on revenue would be 25% of collected revenue from the app. So not a cost but would have to be factored into your pricing or accounted for in your business forecasting. (Depends on your definition of cost)

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