This.template.QuerySelector(...).changeMessage is not a function error in Salesforce. How does this error occur?

123    Asked by DanPeters in Salesforce , Asked on Aug 22, 2023

 In my LWC session’s event handling task, I am getting a child component method which is invoked by a parent component. But when I am creating the components and loading the parent component by using a server, I am encountering this error: app:5348 Uncaught TypeError. 

Even though this.template.QuerySelector(...).changeMessage is not considered to be a function, I am not getting any response in the parent component. 

Answered by Diana Campbell
 this.template.QuerySelector(...).changeMessage is an error that may occur when you try to execute the changeMessage method on the div element. You can add the child component to the markup of the parent and write your code like the following one: Const childCompinent = this.template.QuerySelector(‘c-child-cmp’);
If (childComponent) {

This error may also occur as the querySelectorAll differs from the querySelector, and it returns a node list of elements. It means you try to call a method from a list of elements.

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