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612    Asked by Amitjaisawal in Salesforce , Asked on Nov 16, 2022

 I'm struggling with the salesforce trailhead login issue, I forget the password and clicked on forgot password feature. Would I use the "Forgot your password?" link on to request a password reset link to be sent to my email (Office Email).

However, every time I click on the password reset link in my email, I see "Your reset link expired after 24 hours or has already been used."

This has been going on for weeks and I can't help but wonder if this is a glitch on Salesforce's end. What is going on? How can resolve this salesforce trailhead login


Answered by Amit raj

I have found a solution to solve the error of trailhead login salesforce. I logged into the trailhead account from there. I opened my hands on orgs from there and launched my salesforce practice account.

then i also reset my password successfully

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