Salesforce password reset link expires immediately upon request. What is this issue?

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 I am getting the issue that the Salesforce password reset link expires immediately upon request. I have tried to select the forgot password option and reset the password. But every time I try to do that, I get a comment which shows your reset link expired after 24 hours or has already been used. I cannot find any solution for this. Can I get some suggestions regarding this? 

Answered by Clare Matthews

: If you get the comment, it may happen due to email server protection software. Salesforce lists McAfee’s ‘Link Protect,’ Mimecast, Covenant Eyes, and all outlookOutlook’s versions. When you go to a profile, scroll down to the system, and select the password policy, you can find a checkbox to tick so the password does not expire.

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I’ve faced a similar issue with Salesforce before. A quick fix that worked for me was clearing my browser cache and cookies before requesting the password reset link. Sometimes, old session data can cause conflicts. Also, try using a different browser or incognito mode to see if the issue persists. If that doesn’t work, reach slice masters out to your Salesforce admin to ensure there aren’t any custom settings or security measures causing the problem. They might be able to reset your password manually.

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If the Salesforce password reset link is expiring immediately upon request, it could be due to several possible issues. Here are the steps you can take to diagnose and resolve the problem:

1. Check Email Delivery Time:

Ensure that the email containing the reset link is being delivered promptly. Delayed email delivery can cause the link to be perceived as expired by the time the user receives it.

2. Email Filters and Security:

Check if email filters, firewalls, or security software are delaying or altering the email.

Ensure that the email from Salesforce is not being sent to spam or junk folders.

3. Browser and Device Issues:

Try opening the reset link in a different browser or on a different device.

Clear the browser cache and cookies, or use incognito mode to avoid issues related to stored data.

4. Multiple Requests:

Ensure that multiple password reset requests are not being made in quick succession. Only the most recent link will be valid, and previous links will become invalid.

5. Salesforce Session Settings:

Review the session settings in Salesforce. Sometimes, settings related to session timeout or IP restrictions can affect password reset functionality.

Check if the password reset link is being affected by IP restrictions set in the Salesforce security settings.

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Getting the comment may be due to email server protection software. Salesforce has McAfee's 'Link Protect,' for Outlook, Mimecast, and Covenant Eyes. In the profile, scroll down to the system and pick the password policy to set passwords to geometry dash never expire. There is a checkbox for this.

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