RestResource Annotation - What is the urlMapping To?

190    Asked by darsh_6738 in Salesforce , Asked on Jun 1, 2023

I have never worked with Rest Resource classes before and am trying to debug one from a previous developer.

I am looking at: @RestResource(urlMapping='/CompanyData/*') and am unsure what CompanyData is. I see from the documentation that they use standard objects in their examples so my assumption is that it would be a custom object, but it doesn't look like a typical standard object (with the __c). Could anyone enlighten me what this reference is to?

@RestResource(urlMapping='/CompanyData/*') global without Sharing class PartnerOpportunityService{ @HttpPost global static String createNewOpportunities() {...

Answered by Clare Matthews

Regarding RestResource Annotation, that tells you the URL path. So when you want to hit your service you would use: /services/apexrest/CompanyData/

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