My salesforce training account has expired, now facing trailhead login issue.Can I get my achieved badges in another account?

1.7K    Asked by AbdulRehman in Salesforce , Asked on Aug 20, 2021

 I started using salesforce with a Trial account, now the account has been expired and I am strugglin with trailhead login issue.

I had a lot of trailhead badges, in the account and now I can't access.

Is there any way to get the badges in another account?

I can't open a case since support is just for premium users.

Answered by ankur Dwivedi

If your trial org has expired, there's pretty much nothing you can do about it. Trial Orgs are for potential customers to try out functionality, and have to be converted into paid Orgs within a certain timeframe or they disappear. For Trailhead, you should sign up for a developer edition. The developer edition is free and does not expire at any time only a trial edition can expire. Developer Edition organizations continue to be available as long as these organizations have some type of activity within the previous six months. You can create a developer account which has no days limit:  Also, you can use the same email id. But you need to use a different username. In order to get your badges and points, please reach out to the trailhead support team at the below link so that they can help you out accordingly. Click on below link and click on "Submit a case". You will definitely get back your badges and points :smile: Hope this will resolve your trailhead login issue.

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