Is it possible to not get the default marketing cloud org login using several MC orgs?

194    Asked by Aalapprabhakaran in Salesforce , Asked on Aug 17, 2023

When I am trying to enter into the generic MC login page, I am getting redirected to an org, and I am unable to get to the generic MC login page to provide a new username and password. It is showing me an error when I am trying to log in, and it is showing that my credentials are not matching. However, I can enter different org information and log in if I use an incognito window.

Even after clearing the cache and browsing history, I am unable to find any solution to the problem. Can anyone please suggest to me as to how I can change this? 

Salesforce marketing cloud login can be tricky sometimes. You can fix this problem by following some basic rules. First, navigate to Admin. From there, go to My Users. After that, you will find an option called Manage Business Unit. When choosing the Manage Business Unit option, you will be taken to an option, and now you need to set the Default and Associated Business Units. Once you set these two, you can get access to provide your username and password.

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