How to resolve the error related to emailmessage salesforce?

76    Asked by ElizabethJordan in Salesforce , Asked on Jun 5, 2023

I have enabled email-to-case functionality and I have a user with Partner Community licence. He works on Partner Portal. When he opens an email through the Partner Portal its status is not updated to "Read" (It is still in "New" status). However if a Salesforce user opens the email, the status is automatically updated to "Read".

Has anyone spotted a similar issue? Are there any special permissions which need to be enabled for Partner Community users to invoke changing EmailMessage status.

Answered by Darsh K

I have raised a case to Salesforce Support and got the following answer regarding error in emailmessage salesforce:

Hi, I have received feedback that this is working as designed. Currently this is still in the process of being updated. I have tried to seek supporting articles but could not find one. And this seems to be a limitation of the coding. But our Research and Development Team is welcome to future changes and additional capabilities to our Standard Features. We also did a test on our end and this is also happening to me. With this being said, I will be closing the case for now as your query has already been answered. If further clarification is needed, feel free to raise another case and we will be more than happy to assist.

  I raised the following idea:

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