How to resolve the error json input?

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Can someone please help for the below error?

my sfdx-project.json file is as follows:

when I hit the below command I get an error like Unexpected end of JSON input

sfdx force:package:create --name "pussinboots" --description "pussinboots" --packagetype Unlocked --path force-app
ERROR running force:package:create: Unexpected end of JSON input

Answered by dia shrinidhi

To resolve the error json input -

In your root folder, where we have a .sfdx/ folder, there might be a json file which has a zero byte file. You might be wondering how to detect a zero byte file in .sfdx/ folder if you have more than 100 files. Please execute below command in bash terminal

  $ find . -type f -empty

Once you execute the above command, please remove files which have been detected as zero byte.

  $ rm -rf 
More details:
Now SFDX behind the scenes is happy and feel free to try to reauthorize or change orgs. You should be good

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